Acts of Kindness

Young Girl Sees Man In Accident And Doesn't Hesitate

August 2nd, 2018

It doesn’t take a lot to turn someone’s day around. All it takes is a smile or a kind gesture from the heart.

But those small gestures can mean the world to someone who is having a bad day.

And it meant the world to Fred Crooks and his co-worker the day they got into an accident with a septic truck. Crooks and his co-worker were on their way to a job when the trailer they had attached to their car was hit by the septic truck.

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Chelsea Crooks Source: Chelsea Crooks

The collision smashed the trailer holding their tools and sent debris flying all over the road.

Thankfully no one was injured in the accident.

But it did take them away from their job and forced Crooks to spend four hours on the side of the road while he talked with police and settled things with the accident.

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Chelsea Crooks Source: Chelsea Crooks

It was shaping up to be a pretty crappy day for Crooks.

That’s until he had a visit from a kind hearted little girl.

“It was a terrible day for me but this little girl was the highlight of my day,” Crooks told “She didn’t know me from the bogeyman or the man on the moon.”

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The sweet girl, 11-year-old Robin McElroy, was walking her dog when she came across Crooks and the wreckage.

She kept stopping by to see if there was any way that she could help.

“When she came down the second time this little girl was walking so lightly because she had a glass of cold water and you could tell she was trying hard not to spill it,” said Crooks. “She brought down some treats, too, and she turned a bad day into a good day. She was so kind and thoughtful.”

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Chelsea Crooks Source: Chelsea Crooks
Robin said that she was just trying to be as kind as she could be and thinks that everyone should do the same.

“Well, I just wanted to give back and I know that it was a hot day so I thought he would appreciate a glass of water and a granola bar,” she said.

Crooks didn’t catch the girl’s name at the time but he told his daughter Chelsea about it later that day. Chelsea then attempted to find that girl on Facebook so that they could thank her.

“The point of this post was hopefully it would reach the parents of a kind hearted amazing young girl, who blew my dads emotions away with her generosity and how caring a young soul could be,” Chelsea wrote on Facebook. She lived on Waterford Ct in Fall River, this sweet little girl after the accident brought my father down water and these treats that are show cased in the picture. Many of people drove past the accident and and 90 percent of them didn’t stop, however this is what this little girl did.”

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Chelsea Crooks Source: Chelsea Crooks

Chelsea was immensely grateful for the kindness Robin showed her father.

“She is a behind the scenes hero and angel as the temperatures were hot and the had to stay on the accident scene for hours. Thanks to the hero who helped cool my dad and uncle off, and fill their bellies,” she said.

Hear Robin talk about her act of kindness in the video below.

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Source: The Enfield Weekly Press & The Laker