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Diner snaps pic after seeing man cut in front of soldiers for act of kindness
When the guy saw the 12 military members, he went straight to the front of the line.
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It’s safe to say that we’re all very grateful to our military members for their hard work and sacrifices. Some people, however, enjoy taking their appreciation a step further by performing little acts of kindness for them.

Occasionally, a person’s sweet gesture is captured on camera – just like it was one day at a fast-food restaurant called Jack’s. It all started when a group of uniformed military members got in line to order their breakfast.

Pixabay - Capri23auto
Pixabay - Capri23auto

A beautiful morning

The heartwarming event was captured in a snapshot by another diner at the Jack’s in Holly Pond, Alabama. He then sent it to his son who posted it on Facebook.

In his Facebook post, Levi Lawrence shared that the man was in line to order at the counter. That was when he noticed the group of military members in uniform ahead of him.

Facebook - Levi Lawrence
Facebook - Levi Lawrence

He knew what he wanted to do

The man then reportedly cut to the front of the line to offer to pay for all the meals the soldiers standing were having. As per Levi’s post, the generous stranger ended up buying twelve meals, plus the ones he bought for his own family.

While it wasn’t confirmed where the uniformed members of the military were stationed, there are no bases in the town or nearby towns.

Facebook - Levi Lawrence
Facebook - Levi Lawrence

Turns out, the customer is known for being kind

Since its posting, the photo has made its rounds on the social media platform and has garnered attention from people all over the country. It has already been shared thousands of times so far.

So, it’s not really surprising that the initially anonymous good Samaritan was eventually identified by people who saw his picture and read his story. And according to those who know Jeremy Williams, the deed isn’t really out of character for the guy.

Hopefully the people pictured won’t mind but shoutout to the gentlemen in blue with his son he saw all the uniformed…

Posted by Levi Lawrence onFriday, October 4, 2019

Although he wasn’t tagged in the post, Jeremy still received plenty of praise in response to the photo posted on Facebook.

A Facebook user named Brenda Smith commented acknowledging Jeremy’s son who was pictured next to him in the photo:

“Thank you, sir, for your kindness — very nice gesture for servicemen. God Bless you and your son!!!!”

Another person exclaimed:

“This is an example of what this world needs more of! Thank you, sir, for such kindness!”

Meanwhile, another user, Sheila Howard Drake, even said that she and her grandchildren were actually there to witness the event unfold.

Here’s another story to warm your heart

This act of kindness by a civilian towards members of the military can’t help but remind us of a similar event that happened in Columbus, Georgia. In this case, it was the soldier and his mother who shared about the experience on social media.

Pixabay - Amber Clay
Pixabay - Amber Clay

In the post, the duo sent out their thanks to the anonymous diners who generously paid for their meal at Samurai, a Japanese restaurant.

The son, who was completing his basic training at Fort Benning, was wearing his uniform when they decided to grab a bite to eat with the rest of the family.

The grateful mom shared:

“We probably ordered $100 worth of food and when we went to pay, the waitress said that the people at the other table had picked up or bill and they said to thank your son for his service.”

She ended it by saying:

“I don’t know who she is, but I can tell you that it meant the world to us. We will find a way to pay it forward.”

"This weekend I went to visit my son at Fort Benning with my daughter and mother. He is at basic training and it was…

Posted by Spotlight onMonday, May 29, 2017

Not everyone would be able to do these types of generous acts for our military members – even if they wanted to. However, a simple “thank you” or show of respect goes a long way too. These are such heartwarming stories – don’t you think?

Watch the video below to see another beautiful act of kindness that took place in a restaurant!

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