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Homeless man thanks hotel who housed him during lockdown by building them a patio

February 17th, 2021

A lot of people have been affected by the pandemic and the devastation didn’t only focus on health but also on livelihood. A lot of establishments were forced to go on temporary shutdown and that made their employees’ jobs cease for the moment.

Meet Eddie Boult, a bricklayer by trade. And like many other displaced workers out there, he also suffered from the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

Receiving work was almost close to impossible.

He’s been staying in the Fownes Hotel in Worcester, England for the last few weeks. The hotel’s been incredibly accommodating during the pandemic, refusing to close. Instead, they’ve opened their doors to those who need it most.

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Eddie’s been putting his former trade experience to use, building structures for the hotel as a sign of gratitude.

Eddie explains,

“I did it because I was bored but also as a thank you to the staff. They’ve really looked after me.”

The hotel shed people like him, they gave a lot of people a ray of hope amid these uncertain days.

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The Fownes usually charges in the ballpark of £155 a night, but they’ve relaxed their rules during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Eddie’s been paying them back in return. In fact, he finished a new wall and patio within a matter of four days.

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Pexels/Tim Mossholder Source: Pexels/Tim Mossholder

The Fownes staff members have become heroes in their own right. In cooperation with a local homeless charity, they’ve given free rooms to the homeless and disenfranchised, easing the burden for dozens in the Worcester area.

The Fownes has been giving a total of 45 temporary guests a safe and decent place to stay.

48-year-old Peter Swinbourne, a fellow guest at the Fownes, believes that the hotel and staff essentially “saved” him. He’s been homeless for 25 years.

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Peter goes on to state,

“I have never slept in a double bed before. I’m happy here—this is a five-star hotel putting up homeless people.”

Other guests sing a similar tune. Terence Marriott, a 55-year-old that’s been staying at the Fownes for six weeks states,

“I have been well looked after. It has been excellent. The food is also excellent. I feel a lot healthier than when I came in.”

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Pexels/Markus Spiske Source: Pexels/Markus Spiske

The hotel’s assistant manager Julie Merrick explains the hotel experience amid the pandemic,

“Our new guests have been lovely and grateful for the support they had been given and treat their rooms with respect. We stayed open simply because we wanted to help.”

Isn’t it nice to see people helping other people?

The hotel’s been incredibly careful during the process, stressing sanitation and proper social distancing measures. As a precaution, the staff removed alcohol from the hotel bars and strategically placed chairs in ways to prevent viral spread.

Fortunately, no coronavirus cases have been reported from the hotel during the crisis.

The Fownes put a couple safety documents on display to reinforce proper social distancing procedures,

“Coronavirus – Wash your hands more often for 20 seconds.”

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The hotel also had its own setbacks due to the pandemic, 15 staff members were furloughed for the past months. Currently, the hotel is being maintained by a small crew of 11. Though it’s hard, they are trying to get through it one day at a time. The new guests have helped a lot.

Julie goes on to add,

“We’re the only hotel in Worcester doing this. Everybody else closed their doors. My staff are very brave. They have gone above their job role, absolutely. It has brought us all closer together as a team.”

In fact, the hotel has a history of righteous deeds, including opening its doors to about 30 people displaced by floods that plagued Worcester in February.

The Fownes Hotel Worcester deserves high praise for its efforts amid the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis hasn’t been easy for anyone, but the hotel’s heroic acts continue to shine light amid otherwise dark days.

They’ve proven to us all that we can help each other in our own little ways. During these trying times, there’s no big or small help, help is a help, and every kind gesture counts. They have set a beautiful example to the entire world and we’re glad that we get to know about their inspiring story.

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Source: Good News Network, Pressreader, Malvern Gazette