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Girl Needs A New Kidney, Then Her Teacher Hands Her A Box

May 8th, 2018

Natasha Fuller, originally from Oklahoma, is a very special little girl.

She’s an adorable elementary school student with blonde hair, a bright smile, and a bubbly attitude, but sadly, her sunny exterior hid the health problems lying beneath.

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Natasha had been born with prune belly syndrome. In females, the syndrome presents itself by the partial or total absence of stomach muscles and urinary tract malformations.

Because of her condition, Natasha was forced to undergo dialysis three times per week at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The appointments had become so frequent, she had moved in with her grandparents there, leaving her parents and twin sister behind in Oklahoma.

Although Natasha had been attending her dialysis appointments, she suddenly fell into renal failure and desperately needed a new kidney. Sadly, due to constant infections, she kept being pushed down the never-ending waitlist.

Jodie Schmidt is a teacher at Oakfield Elementary, where Natasha attends school. Jodie had never actually taught Natasha but had fallen in love with the girl’s bubbly personality when she would converse with her in the hall.

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Jodie never knew Natasha was dealing with so many difficulties. And when she learned Natasha’s story, the circumstances tugged at her heart. She felt compelled to step in and help her.

Not wanting to make any drastic decisions, Jodie discussed all of the details with her husband and three children. By the time she finished relaying her plan, everyone agreed it was the right thing to do.

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After getting the go-ahead from her family, Jodie decided to go for the next step. She booked an appointment to get herself tested to see if she and Natasha could be a potential match.

When Jodie got the test results back and learned they were a perfect match, she worked together with the school’s principal, Becky Doyle, to give Natasha and her grandmother a surprise they would never forget.

In a video, which has since gone viral, you get to see the exact moment Jodie tells Natasha and her grandmother that she’s giving Natasha her kidney. Since being uploaded, the emotional moment has been viewed over 390, 000 times.

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Natasha’s grandmother immediately starts sobbing, and it really is hard to hold back the tears. Jodie’s kindness is truly incredible, and I’m so grateful she was able to share this moment with the world.

See the video below!

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