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Little girl raises garden to feed homeless and ends up building 11 cabins to shelter them
It only took a single encounter with a homeless person for Hailey Fort to decide to do something about it. πŸ’˜
Irene Markianou

Hailey Fort looks like an ordinary girl.

She is joyful and kind-hearted, and she loves music and the arts.

Bur really, she’s quite exceptional.

What is special about her is not that she cares about others, including strangers.

What is really extraordinary about this girl is that she had the courage to do something about what she felt was wrong and unfair around her.

Little Hailey first saw a homeless man in her life at the age of five.

She knew he deserved better.

One year later, she decided she should do something to help those who lack the basics.

Unsplash - Nick Fewings
Unsplash - Nick Fewings

At the tender age of six, while most children spend their day playing in the park, riding their bikes, or watching cartoons on their tablets, Hailey decided to start laboring on behalf of the poor and homeless.


She started a garden.

“I saw a poor man on the street and I wanted to help him,” she said in an interview at the age of 9. “So, I asked my mom and she said yes.”

YouTube - Cayle Thompson
YouTube - Cayle Thompson

Indeed, Haily harvested 128 lbs of food for the homeless, and her garden only kept growing.

She enriched it with more seeds, and she did a very good job at handling it.

But she soon knew that helping people in need did not only involve feeding them. Those people lacked basic necessities, like warm clothes, and hygiene products.

She revisited the drawing board.

Unsplash - Jon Tyson
Unsplash - Jon Tyson

She decided to donate feminine hygiene products and coats to those in need, while she also tried to help them apply for jobs by purchasing PO boxes.

Soon, she realized that wasn’t enough.

Fresh food, warm clothes, and hygiene products were, of course, of critical importance for these people, but what they definitely needed was a roof above their heads.

YouTube - Cayle Thompson
YouTube - Cayle Thompson

Hailey couldn’t get over the fact that some people out there live on the street.

It bothered her to know that they get wet when it rains, get cold on winter nights, and suffer so much because of some misfortune in their lives.

β€œIt just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people,” Hailey said at the time. β€œI think everyone should have a place to live.”

This is why she started planning how she could build homes for those people by herself.

She started tackling the housing crisis.

And, thanks to her courage and perseverance, she made it.

With her mom’s supervision and guidance, Hailey built several tiny cabins for the homeless in her community.

Those homes were full of windows and insulation so that the person inside each one of them wouldn’t get wet on rainy days or cold at night.

So, how’s it working out?

People loved her kindness and generosity.

At the time, she inspired many of her peers around the world to follow her example and set a goal to be more active in their local communities.

Hailey’s Harvest has not been active on social media lately, but we are sure she will keep inspiring people to become the best version of themselves in the future.

Hear Hailey talk about her projects and the inspiration behind them in the video below!

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