Little boy hands cop envelope with letter and cash inside

February 3rd, 2020
Police officers put themselves in harm’s way every single day. When they don their uniform and strap on their holster, they have no idea what calls for help they’ll face each second of the day.
Car accidents, robberies, hostage situations, stand-offs, impending births…police officers find themselves in dangerous, life-threatening situations constantly. It’s part of the job in order to try and keep the peace and ensure others’ safety.

But there are also the moments that bring a smile to an officer’s face…

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Facebook/Zach Little Source: Facebook/Zach Little
A police officer from Smyrna, Tenn., was blessed with compassion shown by none other than a little boy who looked up to the officer. Zach Little with the Smyrna Police Department was assisting with a funeral procession in the pouring rain.
Officer Little was “soaked to the bone” while standing guard as there were an estimated 50 cars in the procession. The Smyrna Police Department provides a lead and end car for escort, plus one or more cars that “hop” to block intersections.
He also allowed his emotions to seep through that day and was feeling bad for the family who had lost two loved ones, kind people who were having a difficult time coping that day. But soon, a ray of sunshine was about to break through the dark clouds.
While trying to dry off in the parking lot of a bank in town, a car pulled up near Officer Little. Always on his guard, he wondered what was unfolding before him.
Suddenly, a little boy named Levi leaped out of his mom’s car and excitedly approached Officer Little while clutching an envelope.
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Facebook/Zach Little Source: Facebook/Zach Little
Levi hesitantly handed Officer Little the envelope and thanked him for his service. Officer Little was perplexed.
“I asked his mother what was this? She [simply] replies ‘It’s an act of kindness and please be safe’ as they pulled away.”
Curious, Officer Little opened the envelope and discovered a dollar bill taped to the letter that contained a heartfelt thank you to Officer Little and officers everywhere.
“Hi Officer or Deputy, You may think why did you get this letter. Well I want to tell you why. To me you are the bravest men and women I ever knew and due to the hate and harassment you all may get and have some low spirits do to that. Being part of the #backtheblue movement I want to raise your spirits. So because your my number 1, I wanted to give you this: $1”
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Facebook/Zach Little Source: Facebook/Zach Little
Officer Little couldn’t believe what the little boy had done. Levi had prepared a heartfelt thank you note and braved sprinting through the pouring rain just to hand it to him.
“Thank you, Levi, and thank you to his mama for teaching him to LOVE and not hate!”
He said if he could meet them face to face, he’d say this to them…
“Thank you for your generosity and always continue to love your neighbor.”
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Facebook/Back the Blue Source: Facebook/Back the Blue
In a quaint town like Smyrna, it isn’t uncommon for people to thank their first responders, something officers like Little truly appreciate. Little Levi’s gesture was unexpected and very much welcomed by Little.
“This hits you in the heart when you’re having a bad day and working a funeral and my hopes are down. This is something I’ll never forget. Always love your neighbor.”
How thoughtful was this little boy’s gesture? Great job Levi and Mom!

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Source: Murfreesboro Post