Empty Nester Rocks Her New Look In Beautiful Makeover

December 3rd, 2019

Lisa from Richmond, Virginia was single and possibly ready to mingle when she arrived at The Makeover Guy’s salon in Minneapolis. Whether or not she’d start dating depended on if she loved her new look!

A lot of women over 60 trade in their long locks for shorter hairstyles. But for Lisa, she actually had flowing dark hair that hung down her back. Her appearance was in need of some TLC though – and The Makeover Guy was the perfect stylist for the job.

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Everybody’s life is full of multiple chapters – going from childhood to adulthood, to parenthood, and beyond.

Lisa was actually at an exciting point in her journey when she decided to take on the beauty transformation. On top of being a single lady, she was an empty-nester too.

Not everyone has an easy time adjusting to their kids flying the coop. According to Psychology Today, Empty Nest Syndrome can lead to depression, distress, and loneliness.

Lisa, on the other hand, seemed to have a really positive attitude and wanted to embrace her new lifestyle. And what better way to do so than visiting Christopher Hopkins (AKA The Makeover Guy)?

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There’s no maximum age limit when it comes to finding love. In fact, there are numerous online dating sites that focus solely on senior clientele.

During her interview Lisa admitted:

“…I may think about dating depending on how I look.”

The mom was naturally in good hands being in The Makeover Guy’s studio. Along with being a master-stylist, Christopher has a special gift for helping bring out people’s inner-youth.

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Most of us try out various hairstyles over the years, and Lisa was no different. She explained that she’s worn her hair short, but also has had times of it being ultra-long.

Fortunately, she had a lot of trust in Christopher’s talent. It would be anybody’s guess though, whether he was going to chop it all off or leave her length…

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One of the best parts about The Makeover Guy’s videos is seeing the results (naturally!). For each one, it’s as if you need a big drumroll before the person’s “after” is finally shown.

While each person turns out completely different, there’s no denying they all turn out gorgeous. Just wait until you see the brand new Lisa… she’s one hot mama after getting pampered by Christopher and his team!

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In the end, Lisa looks like a young, movie-star version of herself with a slight haircut, lighter color, and an incredible makeup job. Even she can’t get over her unrecognizable reflection.

She explains:

“I can’t even believe looking in the mirror it’s me staring back … I feel beautiful!”

The big question was, did the new look mean she was now “datable?” She cutely says:

“Possibly…if the right one would ask.”

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In just a few days the video’s been watched more than 26,000 times. There have been many glowing comments left on it too.

One person wrote:

“Hair and color are great but the eyes, and particularly the EYEBROWS! score the winning points. Huge improvement. Massive age improvement. Beautiful lady. Beautiful transformation. Wowza. This channel never gets old!”

Another woman named Nancie posted:

“I have heard so many people say older women should not wear long hair! I totally disagree and this lady proves it! Love her makeover!”

You can watch Lisa come to life for yourself below. Isn’t Christopher a true artist?

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Source: The Makeover Guy, Psychology Today