People are sharing beautiful stories of how libraries have been safe spaces for them
Libraries are so much more than books.
Eduardo Gaskell

The public library is considered to be a “Safe Place” by many men and women. It’s not just a refuge for bookworms and researchers.

A Twitter thread went viral showing everyone how wonderful the idea is.

On March 5, a Twitter user and Atlanta librarian named David posted the following story on Twitter:

“Today a woman with developmental disabilities came into the library, and said she was lost. She didn’t know her address, but her phone number was in her pocket on a piece of paper with Elmo on it. She kept saying, “The library is a safe place,” he wrote.

“We called and her guardian came right over,” David continued. “Apparently this happens pretty regularly. They even stayed long enough for her to check out some new books and Sesame Street DVDs. The library is a safe place indeed.”

Thousands of other Twitter users responded to the thread with their own stories of libraries being their safe places.

Check out some of them:

Who knew that a building filled with books could be treated like a safe haven?

People can enter and borrow books for free all while feeling safe and that is just an amazing concept.

The public library does not care if one is rich or poor. Enter the building, find your calm and quiet, and just lose yourself into the world of the book you just opened.

Libraries complement other institutions found in cities. Buildings such as health centers, cultural centers, schools, and NGOs are found all over but there has to be a public library.

Libraries welcome people from all walks of life. Those who need an escape, an education, and a brush up on life.

It’s a safe space that grants access to information. And that allows societies to make better decisions, innovate, and create for the betterment of mankind.

It’s almost certainly a sacred place.

In a world full of smart phones where information is just a tap away, the library requires its visitors to walk around and move, scouring endless titles for that one elusive book.

There’s something about opening a book as compared to opening Google. Try it.

Libraries allow minds to wander and think. Of the past, the present, and the future. It is a place that allows minds to be filled with all the wonders of this world.

That’s whether you open a book or not.

That unassuming building holds vast treasures that most people have forgotten. Do yourself a favor and walk inside. Allow yourself to get lost in the shelves full of books.

Libraries are one of this world’s most amazing places to visit.

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By Eduardo Gaskell
Eduardo Gaskell is a contributor at SBLY Media.