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Young Boys Tell Dad To Pull Over So They Can Shovel - Then Dad Spots Elderly Man Behind Them
This dad should be so proud!
D.G. Sciortino

Shoveling snow is a miserable task. You’re out in the cold lifting heavy snow for what seems like hours on end only to find that you can barely move the next day because you’re pretty sure that you broke your back.

Shoveling snow can actually kill you. People die every year trying to shovel their snow. Basically, shoveling snow is no joke.

As hard of a job as it is to get done, it’s even harder for senior citizens and people who have a disability or lack mobility.

Sometimes these people have to shovel all their snow all on their own since they don’t have anyone to help them. But some people have neighbors who are decent human beings that are willing to jump in and help.

These are the kinds of people who offer to do the entire job to alleviate the burden on their neighbor.

100% Chiropractic
100% Chiropractic

When two small children saw a man in a wheelchair trying to shovel his snow, they immediately asked their dad to pull over and help. And their dad couldn’t have been more proud.

So proud that father Daniel Medina posted about it on Facebook, a post which ended up going viral.

Here’s what Daniel wrote about his sons on Facebook:

“Proud dad moment we’re driving down s60th st near Morgan and my two sons aged 10 and 6 asked me to pull over because they just saw a guy in a wheelchair trying to shovel his corner lot and they wanted to help,”

Love What Really Matters
Love What Really Matters

The internet has gone crazy over this post. It was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page more than 8,000 times.

Here’s what some people said about it on Facebook:

“Dad, this is a reflection of all you have taught your sons. So while you are proud of them, take a moment and be proud of yourself. Great job!!”

“You have 2 wonderful sons with big hearts. It really is hard to grasp the season of giving at this young of age, but they’ve got it. You
Must be extremely proud, good on all of you.”
“Bless them!!!! How very kind and caring. I love that! What amazing children you have, you must be very proud! My children would have done the same. We need more children like them in the world. Great job guys!”

Love What Matters
Love What Matters

You can check out the full post below.

"Proud dad moment we're driving down s60th st near Morgan and my two sons aged 10 and 6 asked me to pull over because…

Posted by Love What Matters onMonday, December 12, 2016

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