61-Year-Old With 80s Style Gets Dramatic New Look

January 15th, 2020

As we know, styles from the past tend to peek their heads back at some point. Just when you thought those bell-bottom jeans or flannels around the waist were looks you’d never see again – poof, your daughter walks out sporting an outfit you would have worn in high school.

There are also some people who look “retro” without even trying. Instead of adapting to the changing styles through time – they simply never change at all! So if you see a woman with an 80s hairstyle, there’s always a possibility she’s been wearing the look since the 80s (and it’s not actually cool again).

61-year-old Kathy from Green Bay, Wisconsin is someone who hadn’t done much updating in the beauty department over the years. In fact, she’d been doing her makeup the same way since she was 16-years-old!

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She was finally ready to let go…

Although Kathy had been in a little bit of a time warp when it came to her style, she was excited to try something new! So, she made an appointment with renowned-stylist, Christopher Hopkins – otherwise known as The Makeover Guy.

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Kathy traveled all the way from Green Bay to Minneapolis, Minnesota for her transformation.

During the interview, Christopher (who can be a bit of a funny jokester) decided to give his client a little scare… When he screamed “Kathy!” it caught her off guard and made her laugh. It took a bit of the “seriousness” out of things.

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She was just a youngster inside.

Like most other clients that walk through The Makeover Guy’s salon door, Kathy felt much younger than what her true age was. Her inner-self was far from a woman in her early sixties. Instead, she felt like a woman who was only thirty-years-old!

Besides needing a more updated style, Kathy explained to the camera that she wanted to “look a little bit younger, and better, and have something a little different.”

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Kathy was in good hands with The Makeover Guy.

Christopher’s been famously changing lives with his talents for decades, so if anyone could transform Kathy into a modern woman – it was him. And oh boy, just wait until you see what a fabulous job he does with her! The difference is night and day between Kathy’s before and after. She looks younger, more stylish, and appears to be glowing.

In the video description, Christopher explained:

“Kathy came in, not sure she wanted to do video. She has naturally wavy hair that we just let air dry with no curling iron needed. I would like her to grow out the top a bit, but the dramatic makeup was fun.”

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Kathy seems almost shocked by her glamorous results and knows others will be too.

She admits she’s not quite sure if she’ll get so done up to go shopping at Walmart (perhaps for more special occasions?). However, one viewer begged to differ…

J. H. wrote:

“STUNNING!!! Kathy you look years younger! I would put the makeup on just for Walmart or anywhere because it gives a healthy, youthful GLOW! It doesn’t look “dramatic”, maybe it’s just more than what you are used to doing, but soon it will become your new “norm”. Love it!!!”

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Another Makeover Guy fan commented:

“Oh my gosh, you did it again – really hit it out of the park with this one. Kathy looks absolutely stunning! The hair color and style you gave her could not have been one iota better”

Watch the video below to see Kathy’s gorgeous new look for yourself!

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