Italian mayors losing their mind when they see people out during quarantine

April 8th, 2020

The coronavirus epidemic in Italy has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people and thousands more are struggling against the deathly new virus. As lockdown in Italy enters into its fifth week, people across the country are staying in their homes and anxiously waiting for the virus epidemic to run out of steam so they can go on with their lives.

However, not everyone in Italy respects government measures and many of them are violating lockdown. Frustrated by their citizens’ lack of responsibility, Italian mayors took the matter into their own hands and decided to motivate those boneheaded citizens to stay in their homes during quarantine.

You don’t want to anger Italian mayors

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So what happens when Italian mayors finally run out of patience with people who’re stubbornly refusing to say home during the coronavirus epidemic? The result is quite comical and we all need some comic relief in these difficult times.

“I’m getting news that some would like to throw graduation parties. We’ll send police over with flame throwers,” one mayor said bluntly.

Another mayor was even more outspoken. “I’m going to catch you. Tomorrow, not in a year!” he threatened.

Playing ping pong out on the open isn’t a very good idea

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Despite the warnings from mayors and other local and state officials, people have been jogging, playing ping pong near the beach or walking their pets as if nothing was happening. It was the last straw for some mayors. One of them ventured out on the streets and literally chased people who were out in the open.

“You can’t play ping pong! Go home play some video games! I don’t want excuses, you must go home and you’ll have to stay at home,” the mayor explained to one guy.

‘You can’t stay in the streets,’ he kept repeating in a half-deserted city square.

Mobile hairdressers won’t be of much use to anyone if they’re dead

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One mayor really lost it, tired of his citizens finding various excuses to go out.

“Getting in mobile hairdressers?” the mayor said angrily. “What the f**k is that for? Do you understand the casket will be closed? Who the f**k is supposed to see you with your hair all done in the casket?”

People should get their priorities straight and keep in their mind than staying alive and not catching the virus is a lot more important than a fancy haircut!

“You are not Will Smith”

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If you thought that was all, you were most definitively wrong! Fed up with people who don’t want to stay inside, one mayor remarked that he saw a fellow citizen jog up and down the street accompanied by a visibly exhausted dog and told him:

“Look, this isn’t a movie. You’re not Will Smith in ‘I am Legend’. You have to go home.”

We have no excuse for not staying at home during this pandemic and if we don’t respect the restrictions that are being imposed in countries across the world, the coronavirus will claim even more lives.

Watch the video below and see how Italian mayors react to their fellow citizens who just don’t want to stay home during lockdown, and don’t forget to share like and share!

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