Acts of Kindness
Husband spends years planting thousands of her favorite flowers for blind wife to smell
She could no longer travel to see her favorite flower blooms in Japan, so he brought them to her instead. ❤️
Jenny Brown

I love you.

Just a few simple words that mean a whole lot.

Though it may be used carelessly, it’s much more difficult to show it if it isn’t true.

This isn’t the case with this story.

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki, of Shintomi, Japan, have been married since 1956.

The two lived happily on his dairy farm with their two children.

Youtube Screenshot - The Asahi Shimbun Company
Youtube Screenshot - The Asahi Shimbun Company

The couple had planned on retiring and traveling around Japan after 30 years of marriage.

But their plans were put on indefinite hold when Mrs. Kuroki began to succumb to the complications of diabetes.

She started to lose her vision and a week later, at 52 years old, she lost her sight.

Though Mrs. Kuroki lost her vision, she could also no longer see the dreams she and her husband once shared.

Depressed, Mrs. Kuroki withdrew from the world and spent all of her time inside their home.

Mr. Kuroki couldn’t bare the sight of his wife in such a state.

He wanted to do something to make her feel better but didn’t know what.

Over time, Mr. Kuroki noticed that people would stop and admire their small flower garden, full of pink shibazakura flowers.

They were eye-catchingly bright and beautiful.

Youtube Screenshot - The Asahi Shimbun Company
Youtube Screenshot - The Asahi Shimbun Company

One thing Mr. Kuroki learned from his decades-long marriage is that his wife loved flowers.

Mr. Kuroki had an idea.

If his wife couldn’t travel around Japan, he would bring Japan to her.

He soon began planting more and more flowers. After two years, the dairy farm was looking more like a flower farm.

Facebook - Yoshiyuki Matsumoto
Facebook - Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

His hopes of tempting his wife out of the house blossomed into reality.

Although she wasn’t able to see the flowers, she was able to feel and smell them. This brought her joy.

She was also able to talk with the many visitors who came by to admire their garden.

Soon, Mrs. Kuroki made her way from the confines of the house and back out into the world again.

Her smile returned, bringing happiness to her husband.

Planting a garden isn’t easy work. Creating one is even harder.

Mr. Kuroki had to chop down trees and clear his land to create more space as the garden continued to expand.

I don’t know if determined is even the appropriate word for this sort of dedication and devotion.

A decade into this declaration of love, the farm is now a well-known tourist attraction.

On a spring day, the Kurokis receive up to 7,000 visitors.

I’m sure Mr. Kuroki never would have imagined in his wildest dreams that his flowers would attract such a crowd!

Youtube Screenshot - The Asahi Shimbun Company
Youtube Screenshot - The Asahi Shimbun Company

The shed where they once kept their 60 cows, was turned into a little museum depicting their love story.

Visitors are able to see how the garden came to be and the beautiful reason behind its existence.

Although Japan is known for its cherry blossoms that bloom gorgeously every spring, Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki’s farm has a unique and intimate history unlike any other.

Their flowers may not be the cherry blossoms that many are used to seeing, but they tell a heart-warming story.

Facebook - Yoshiyuki Matsumoto
Facebook - Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

The video of their garden is enough to leave one speechless.

There isn’t any narration to accompany the jaw-dropping landscape but it isn’t needed.

Actions speak louder than words and Mr. Kuroki has told the world he loves his wife without having to say anything.

A walk through the garden says plenty. Click the video below to see it for yourself!

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