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Family accidentally leave behind little girls stuffed dog in hotel then learn staff put him to work

April 6th, 2020

If you have a child, or even if you’ve babysat a child a time or two, you know they can have their favorite things. They might be toys or they might be blankets, but the terror is real if they ever go lost.

And for those of you not in the know, the real terror is felt by the parent or caregiver. Because if that toy or blanket goes missing, there’s a good chance you are going to have an inconsolable child on your hands. And inconsolable children are no fun at all.

Allison Kuykendall of Oak Hill, Virginia is no stranger to this feeling of terror.

Ruff Ruff the Dog has an Adventure

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When Kuykendall and her kids visited the Doubletree by Hilton Richmond Midlothian in Richmond, Virginia, Ruff Ruff, her youngest daughter’s favorite stuffed toy was along for the journey. You see, Juniper and Ruff Ruff are rarely separated.

But the unthinkable was about to happen.

After a weekend of fun at a soccer tournament, the family returned home only to realize what had happened. Ruff Ruff had been left behind!

Kuykendall did what most moms would do in this situation. She called the hotel and explained the circumstances, even knowing chances were slim they would ever see Juniper’s beloved Ruff Ruff again.

She had no idea what was to happen next.

Ruff Ruff had Been Living Large!

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The Western Journal reports that a few days after the call, the Kuykendall’s received a package.

Ruff Ruff had been returned. But returned with evidence that he had been very well looked after while away from Juniper’s side. It appears the staff may have put him to work, but he’d also had some very fun downtime.

A note to Juniper was included, along with several pictures chronicling Ruff Ruff’s time at the hotel. And in the whole vein of a picture paints a thousand words, these pictures say a lot about the staff at the Doubletree in Richmond, Virginia.

They say that people walk the customer service talk and they know how to have some fun too!

Their note to Juniper said,

Dear Juniper,

Thanks for letting us borrow Ruff Ruff for a day! He was such a big help around the hotel. Don’t worry, he didn’t work too hard and we gave him plenty of playtime! He’s missed you so much! Thanks again, and hope you and Ruff Ruff visit us again soon!


Doubletree Team

They even posted about his experiences on the hotel’s Facebook page.

“We want to thank the family of Mr. Ruff Ruff as he was a wonderful help during his recent visit! He assisted in checking in our guests, handing out our delicious chocolate chip walnut cookies and even assisted in cleaning! At the end of the day, a little rest and relaxation by the pool was just what he needed…”

Juniper’s Reaction

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The team at the Doubletree went the extra mile, and it meant the world to little Juniper.

She was clearly shocked—and likely thrilled—to hear what her beloved Ruff Ruff had been up to without her. And maybe a little jealous?

Either way, she was happy to have him back home with her. And her mother was so impressed by the thoughtfulness that was shown to her little girl, that she took to Facebook to share the story.

A few minutes of kindness on the part of the staff have provided this little girl with a story she will remember for the rest of her life.

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Source: Western Journal