Acts of Kindness
Teen lets fellow student with cerebral palsy take her place as Homecoming queen
Lilliana was confused at first when the Homecoming queen began walking towards her. She had no clue it was about to become a very magical moment.
D.G. Sciortino

Juleydi Franco Ramos didn’t need a crown to know that she’s a queen. Her divine right comes from her big, beautiful heart.

That’s why she didn’t mind letting a fellow classmate serve as Crossville High School’s homecoming queen instead.

Ramos decided to let Lilliana Pahuamba Roque, who has cerebral palsy, wear the tiara after she was crowned by the former 2021 homecoming queen.

“When I received the crown I immediately knew I had to present it to Lilliana,” Ramos told WBRC-TV’s Good Day Extra. “Lilliana is such a light to everyone she comes in contact with and she deserves this more than anyone.”

Roque, who uses a wheelchair or walker to get around, is always seen smiling through the halls of her DeKalb County school.

YouTube Screenshot - WHNT News 19
YouTube Screenshot - WHNT News 19

She is seen as an inspiration by everyone who knows her.

Roque said she was completely taken by surprise by Ramos’ act of kindness.

“It means so much to me because I have never experienced anything like that,” Roque said. “It made me want to cry. I have been in hospitals and awful places since I was a little girl but I have never seen a person doing that for me.”

Ramos said that she and her three friends all decided that if they won, they would let Roque take their title instead.

Ramos didn’t think she would have to make that decision.

She thought that Roque would win the crown on her own. Either way, she was glad to see Roque take the spotlight.

YouTube Screenshot - WHNT News 19
YouTube Screenshot - WHNT News 19

Ramos’ friends actually met with the principal beforehand to let them know about their plan.

When it was time to hand off the title of homecoming queen, Ramos told Roque and her uncle that “she’s the one who deserves the crown.”

Roque couldn’t have been more surprised and happy. Ramos’ act of kindness ended up going viral.

Her story was featured on national news outlets. Ramos even made some TV appearances.

“I didn’t think it would escalate this much,” she said.

“It’s cool, but I didn’t know either that it would be that much viewed or seen,” Roque said.

YouTube Screenshot - WHNT News 19
YouTube Screenshot - WHNT News 19

The school’s principal Jon Peppers says this behavior is typical of Ramos since she is such a kind teen.

It was the first time in the school’s history that someone gave away their homecoming crown.

“To me, they’re both homecoming queens,” Peppers said of Ramos and Roque.

YouTube Screenshot - WHNT News 19
YouTube Screenshot - WHNT News 19

The principal said he was grateful to the girls for boosting his school’s reputation.

As one would expect, he couldn’t be prouder of the kids.

“I am so proud of these students,” Peppers told WBRC-TV.

“They exemplify outstanding character, generosity, and kindness. Juleydi is always thinking of others and Lillian is a bright spot in our lives every day through the smile on her face. We are so blessed to have these types of students in our school.”

Learn more about this inspiring story in the video below!

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By D.G. Sciortino
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