Guy Fieri raised over $21 million for out-of-work restaurant workers
The world needs more guys like Guy Fieri.
Caryl Jane Espiritu

One of the worst effects of the pandemic was the global economic blow it gave to the world. Businesses closed down and numerous people found themselves unemployed amidst the threat of the coronavirus.


Because of physical distancing, staying in public places such as restaurants has been prohibited, leading to bankruptcy among restaurateurs and unemployment among restaurant staffs. The industry was immensely hurt by the pandemic and sadly, a lot of people have not totally risen up from this huge fall.

As a concerned member of the food and service industry, famous American restaurateur Guy Fieri knew he had to do something.

Laid-off restaurant staffs needed help badly, and Guy was determined to lend a hand. Back in May 2020, the celebrity announced that he has helped in completing over $21 million worth of funds to assist the unemployed restaurant staffs who were greatly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

In his interview with TMZ, Guy shared how he thought of his “brothers and sisters in the restaurant business” and deciding to step up and act for them. He teamed up with the National Restaurant Association Educational Fund and together, the celebrity and the institution launched the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, a cause that aims to help the employees who lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

Specifically, the fund’s purpose is to give checks worth $500 which can be used toward housing, utilities, child-care, transportation, medical bills, groceries or even student loans.

In less than a couple of months, Guy and the NRAEF was able to raise over $21 million or roughly 40,000 checks and distributed them to the restaurant employees. He even started sending personalized invitations to big shot names in the food and restaurant industry, asking them to donate to the fund. He got quite a huge response and was able to raise the fund he needed to help as much people as he can.

The incredible King of Flavortown was not done doing his good deeds just yet!

After giving out the checks, Guy moved on to partnering with Igloo for a fund-raiser where 100% of the profits from selling a special Flavortown cooler will go to the fund he has established. Wow!

But wait, there’s more! The man even decided to go head-to-head with Bill Murray on a nacho-eating contest. It was aired on May 15 and was supported by many, adding more funds to support Guy’s cause.

“As long as the money comes in, we’re going to continue to give,” he said on the livestream.

There’s no stopping Guy Fieri from helping out, and it is so inspiring to know how much he’s willing to do to help. The world absolutely needs more people like Guy Fieri.

Guy is not only concerned with entertainment or delicious food. Even more so, his extreme compassion and genuine concern for people leave us in awe of his incredibly kind heart.

Know more about Guy Fieri’s fund-raising activity and how you can donate by clicking here.

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By Caryl Jane Espiritu
Caryl Jane Espiritu is a contributor at SBLY Media.