Guy busts out dancing in public brightens everyones day
The best about the strangers joining him is that they probably have absolutely no idea what they're dancing to.
Kenny Fernandez

Any Footloose fans out there?

Whether it’s the Kevin Bacon original from 1984 (clearly superior) or the 2011 remake, Footloose is a fun story about the joy of dancing. The story revolves around a small town where dancing and rock music are not allowed—and one rebellious teenager who moves to town to shake things up. The story is timeless and the spirit of the movie is infectious. After all, who doesn’t want to dance their problems away and have the world join in? Although we can all relate, not everyone has the courage to follow through.

Nobody, that is, until Preston Leatherman.

For those who don’t know, Preston Leatherman is a singer/songwriter with his own YouTube channel.

Although he has many popular songs and videos, there’s one in particular that has been getting plenty of attention on the internet recently. The video was originally uploaded in 2011 and features Leatherman going out in public with his iPod. As anyone who has been in public listening to music knows, it’s easy to sometimes get wrapped up in the songs and forget where we are. Leatherman took this concept and ran with it by shamelessly dancing to his songs in public places.

What song was he listening to, you ask? You guessed it: Footloose by Kenny Loggins.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

As the clip shows, Leatherman covered a lot of mileage while breaking out his best moves.

The video begins with him dancing in a Target before moving to an arcade and even out to the streets. Although nobody else can hear the music he’s listening to, the iconic moves from the Footloose dance are immediately recognizable to those who see him. Although the reaction to his wild dancing is predictably mixed, plenty of people decided to join in—even if they couldn’t hear what Leatherman was listening to.

The results of the video are hilarious and contagious.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

As of today, “Dancing With An iPod in Public” has been viewed about a million and a half times.

It goes without saying that we often get wrapped up in the daily tedium and forget the joy of living life. No matter what your opinion on Footloose, Leatherman decided to shake up our perceptions by going out in public and going wild. Anybody who saw him that day (or who joined in) is sure to never forget that feeling.

Thanks for reminding us what it’s really like to cut loose again, Preston!

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By Kenny Fernandez
Kenny Fernandez is a contributor at SBLY Media.