Grandma-granddaughter team give neighbors outdoor fairytale during lockdown

September 17th, 2020

This grandmother and granddaughter duo are bringing a little light to this pandemic by creating a fairy garden for their neighbors and community to tour.

14 Tiny Houses

The tour consists of 14 fairy houses with clever names, made from recycled materials, and decorated with bright colors and glitter set up in the grandmother’s yard. There is a different personality to each house, and different details admire at every stop.

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There are paths and painted rocks, fairies and gnomes, and other critters along the way. So many little details you don’t want to miss!

Pandemic Idea

Making fairy houses is something that the two of them loved doing for years. Then when the pandemic hit, they thought that something like this could bring a little joy to others as well. Even if it’s just a short bright spot in someone’s day, they would have met their goal of bringing some magic to their community.

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“We especially love making the pathways. We just use plaster from the hardware store and inset all types of things from pebbles to glitter and plastic jewels.” says grandma.

The Tour Begins

After getting a small guide from the mailbox, the first stop is a little place called ‘Bernie’s Buttons’. Bernie’s Buttons is a button factory made out of an old soup can and plaster, decorated with buttons and flashy colors sure to attract the attention of anyone walking by.

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Finley’s Shanty

Next on the tour is ‘Finley’s Shanty’. It’s a cute little mushroom house with a rock path, an arch, and a crystal ball that allows you to see into the past, according to the granddaughter narrating the tour. There is also a fairy statue looking out into the plants, protecting the garden.

The focal point of the tour is obviously the houses, but the plants are just as beautiful. All 14 houses are surrounded by lush greenery and flowers making it clear that this grandma has a green thumb. Some of the details are almost hidden by overhanging leaves from all the nearby plants packed around them.

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Fairy’s Need Lunch Too

Another favorite is ‘Bean’s Pod’, the hotspot where all the fairies gather for lunch. “The fairies can sit by the waterfall and sneak into my grandma’s garden to steal fresh raspberries.” says the little girl.

Surprise Ending

I won’t spoil all the houses on the tour for you though, but I will mention that if you stick around until the end theres a surprise to take home for anyone that finishes the tour. The two may have closed down the tour for now with winter approaching, but follow it for yourself in the video below!

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