Acts of Kindness
Elderly man walks into beauty school and asks for hair and makeup lesson to help wife
“He genuinely cared. He knows his wife always cared about her appearance and he wanted to help her.”
Elijah Chan

When someone asks you what are you willing to do for your wife, what would you say?

Cooking for her and driving for her are somewhere on the top of the list.

But are you willing to go to make-up or hair school just so you can help your wife doll herself up?

A testament to true love

Pexels - Magda Ehlers
Pexels - Magda Ehlers

Some men couldn’t even tie their daughter’s hair properly so it might be a challenging request.

But for this elderly man, nothing is too difficult if it meant he could make his wife happy.

A special request

A hair and make-up school got an unusual request after an equally unusual customer walked in.

The Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics in Red Deer said the customer arrived unannounced.

Pexels - josue Verdejo
Pexels - josue Verdejo

They were wondering what the man was doing in a place like theirs until they heard his request.

The elderly man asked if there are classes he could join.

It piqued the curiosity of the instructors and asked him what he needed it for so they can help him accordingly.

Pexels - Ron Lach
Pexels - Ron Lach

“He started to explain that his wife was struggling with her vision right now, and was struggling to curl her own hair and was burning herself. He really wanted to help her,” said school Director Carrie Hannah to City News.

A sweet counter-offer

Then, instead of enrolling, the school offered the elderly man something better.

Hannah asked the elderly man if he was free that day and offered him a class right then and there.

The impromptu lesson covered classes on curling hair and applying mascara.

A Facebook account called Hair Design by Britney shared what happened in the class through a series of photos.

“This lovely gentleman came in today to learn how to curl his wife’s hair. His wife is unable to curl her own hair and often burns herself, so he stepped up to the plate and learned how to curl her hair.” The post said, “We had the pleasure of teaching him! We taught him how to do volume curls on short hair, how to protect her skin from being burned and we even taught him to put on her mascara.”

Admiration for a husband’s love

Hannah can’t help but admire the old man’s efforts for his wife.

“He genuinely cared. He knows his wife always cared about her appearance, and he wanted to help her.” She said to City News, “He just genuinely warmed everyone’s hearts and just really feel good. We really needed some cheering up, and he sure did it.”

The instructor told the news outlet that in more than her three decades in the industry, teaching the elderly man was one of her best days as a teacher.

People all over the internet loved him as well.

“A true role model! He is a man who loves his wife and shows it with acts of kindness-what a treasure.” Said one comment.

“This actually brought me to tears, the love this man has for his wife is beautiful and amazing. You are also a special kind of person to take time and teach him with patience and understanding,” said another, “The world is still a beautiful place.”

Pexels - Anastasia Shuraeva
Pexels - Anastasia Shuraeva

Learning out of love

They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Good thing you can’t also stop an old man who wants to show his wife how much he loves her.

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By Elijah Chan
Elijah Chan is a contributor at SBLY Media.