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Dr. cries at register with $250 grocery bill when woman behind cuts her off to foot the bill

April 28th, 2020

During these strange and difficult times, people are on edge more than ever before. Just going to the grocery store can be a stressful experience. And whether you’re deemed an essential worker or you’re staying at home right now, you might feel uneasy around others.

But some individuals are going out of their way to make people’s lives easier. Simply helping out it makes a huge difference in our communities. Plus, it helps bring us all closer together at a time when we already feel far apart.

That’s what happened in one grocery store

A simple act of kindness went a long way. At a Whole Foods in Dallas, Texas, dermatologist Dr. J.B. Foshee was buying groceries. But when the cashier rang her up, she got an unpleasant surprise…she’d left her wallet at work.

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Embarrassed and overwhelmed

It might not be a big deal on any other day but Foshee couldn’t help crying at the situation. You see, not only was her father having health problems but she was also trying to buy groceries for her neighbor and herself. Now with a grocery bill of $250, she didn’t know what to do. So, she did what a lot of us would probably do…she started to cry.

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A stranger helps

While Foshee was trying to figure out what to do, a woman in the line stepped in front of her and paid for her groceries. While that woman said her name was Linda, she didn’t provide any other information. Even though Foshee tried to pay her back with a payment app and a check, the stranger refused.

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Feeling beyond grateful

Foshee was so grateful for this generous gesture. She’d been having a particularly bad day. So, the kindness of a stranger went even further than usual. Although she wasn’t in a dire financial situation like so many people, that kindness helped her get through the rest of her day.

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Foshee felt uneasy

When asked how she felt about the situation, Foshee said,

“I was feeling really guilty because I, unlike so many people, am doing OK financially through this. I know so many people are struggling. I thought about that sweet cashier who had tears in her eyes as I had tears in my eyes and I thought, I’m going to help her.”

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Paying the good deed forward

Even though the doctor couldn’t find Linda to repay her, she realized she could do the next best thing by improving someone else’s day. So, she decided to buy gift cards for her cashier and her bagger. Then, she gave another gift card to the employee who took her groceries to the car.

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Searching social media

Still, Foshee wanted to reach out to Linda. That’s when she posted on social media. She said, “I would say thank you and let her know that she touched someone’s heart. In turn, they tried to extend her kindness to others.”

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Spreading the word about acts of kindness

In speaking about Linda, Foshee added, “She helped me in a really panicked moment and while I didn’t need the money, I think I really needed the kindness.”

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An important reminder

Foshee realizes she might not get the chance to connect with Linda again. But she still hopes her story can be of some use. She wants it to serve as a reminder that we should all be acting with kindness, especially in these difficult times.

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Shower others with kindness

Foshee said, “Give everyone a wide berth. Everyone is not themselves, everyone is wearing their emotions on their sleeves.” It’s a hard time for people everywhere. So, now is a perfect opportunity to be extra considerate.

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Hopefully, we can all spread this kind of love and compassion going forward…not just to people we know but also strangers.

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