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Daughter Barely Recognizes Mom After Stunning Makeover
When the daughter walked in, her eyes bulged. "That's my Mom?" she asked incredulously, then her jaw dropped.
Cedric Jackson

If you’re a fan of YouTube makeover videos, you know just how amazing the professionals are. They can take a person and make them look completely new. Whether it’s with makeup, a new haircut, or a dye job, a great makeover artist uses their tools to transform a person’s look and the way they feel about themselves — often for the first time in years.

Staging Your Comeback
Staging Your Comeback

Christopher Hopkins, also known as “The Makeover Guy,” is one of them.

This popular makeover artist and image consultant has helped hundreds of people find a new look, one that makes them feel great about themselves.

One Iowa woman got to experience Hopkins’ magic as a very special birthday present.

YouTube Screenshot/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis
YouTube Screenshot/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

Kim has been a fan of the Makeover Guy for years, and she’s dreamed of getting one of his makeovers herself.

Several years ago, she told her daughter that she would love to have a true Hopkins makeover for her 60th birthday. But she never expected that her family would actually make it happen.

“I’ve watched his videos on YouTube for several years now, and never in my wildest dreams or imaginations was I going to be here,” said Kim, before smiling at the crew. “Free rein! Let’s go for it!”

YouTube Screenshot/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis
YouTube Screenshot/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

“Free rein” is a lot to say to someone who holds your entire image in their hands.

But Kim totally trusted Hopkins. The result was absolutely magical.

When Kim’s transformation was revealed, she looked fresh, stylish, and fun. Her long ringlets had been changed into a perky mess of curls, and her makeup was glamorous and stylish. She got a dye job, highlights, and a floral dress in vibrant green as well.

Her reaction was just wonderful.

When she first saw herself, Kim gasped, her whole face lit up.

She looked like she was about to cry. But she quickly blinked her tears away, saying that she didn’t want to ruin her beautiful new makeup.

YouTube Screenshot/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis
YouTube Screenshot/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

When her family came in, their reactions were also amazing.

Kim’s daughter paused in the doorway, her mouth hanging open as though she couldn’t believe who she was seeing. Then she came over to hug her mother who still looked amazed.

“Are you real?” she asked. “Oh Mom, you look so good!”

And Kim had a sense of humor about her new look, too. As she surveyed her reflection in a mirror, she gave it a pout.

“Hellooo, gorgeous!” she joked. “See, I told you I was gonna be gorgeous.”

But all jokes aside, Kim looked overwhelmed with happiness.

She loved her new look. It’s clear that Hopkins is a master when it comes to makeovers. But Kim had a secret. Even though she said that he had free rein and insisted she wasn’t worried – there were times during the makeover that she got scared.

“I have to admit when you cut that big clump of hair off this morning, I about passed out,” she said to Hopkins.

Now, Kim looks like a new woman. As for Hopkins, he’s on his way to help others change their appearances.

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