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Cop Called To Bank Helps 92-Year-Old Man Renew His I.D.

September 13th, 2018

With all the negative news these days, it’s great to be reminded that there are good people in this world— and Officer Robert Josett from Montebello, California, ranks pretty high on that list.

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Last September, the Montebello Police Department received a complaint about an older man causing a disturbance in the local Bank of America.

The patron, 92-year-old Jesus Rangel, had gone to the bank to take out money. However, when the clerk saw his California ID card had expired, she refused to provide him service.

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In a Facebook post, the Montebello Police Department explains: “Upon officers’ arrival, they discovered that a 92-year-old man was trying to withdraw money from his account, however his California identification card was expired.”

“Per the bank’s policy, because his identification card was expired, they were unable to fulfill his request.”

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Now, in most situations, the police would have told the man to bugger off or maybe even arrested him. But, when Officer Robert Josett realized what was happening, he immediately wanted to help.

Instead of arresting Rangel, Officer Josett brought the 92-year-old to the DMV and helped him renew his ID.

“It was a pretty easy decision,” he told CBS Los Angeles.

“It didn’t take much thought.”


“I kind of just had the idea to take him to the DMV and help him get it. My Sergeant was super supportive. She jumped all over it and kind of streamlined the idea and made it go smoothly.”

When Rangel had successfully gotten his new ID, Josett brought him back to the bank.

“With the assistance of the DMV, his identification was renewed, and he was taken back to the bank at which time he was able to withdraw money from his money,” the post explained. “He thanked Officer Josett and went on his way.”

The Montebello Police Department shared the story on their Facebook page where it immediately went viral.

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It’s rare to see stories about the good officers do in this world. Too often, the media focuses on narratives that propagate fear— and this story is definitely a change from that norm.

Since being uploaded to Facebook, Josett’s good deed has amassed over 40k shares and 19k comments.

Comments on the story read:

“Thanks Montebello Police Department, things like this are what the communities all over this country needs. Thank you for the example! God bless and stay safe!”

“Best post I’ve read in a long time! God bless this officer for helping this man in his time of need.”

Fantastic Job! You guys have a fantastic department, thank you for having such dedicated officers.”

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Source: CBS Los Angeles