Good-looking police officers take internet challenge to the next level

September 30th, 2020

Lip-sync videos continue to dominate the Internet and police officers seem to have joined the craze. Frankly, that’s not surprising. The “lip-synch challenge” offers benefits to the men in uniform. The good-natured competition boosts their morale and promotes unity. In addition to that, it’s also changing the way people look at police officers.

Six policemen from Cleveland, Tennessee bravely accepted the challenge.

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Their song was an unexpected choice. They picked Camila Cabello’s Havana.

At the start of the video, you’ll see the men pulling up to a beautiful house.

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They looked really cool as they were driving their police cruisers. They probably felt like Hollywood stars in an action movie.

Then, they started lip-syncing.

The person filming them did an incredible job of making sure each officer gets enough screen time. He was able to capture the men’s best angles, too!

The officers were really feeling the song.

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One of the men had his solo. As he sang the lyrics, he lunged forward on one knee while spreading his arms out. You can tell by his facial expression that he’s really into it. While he was doing his part, the other men were chilling on the poolside chairs.

They look like natural-born performers.

There was no hint of nervousness or uncertainty. They probably spent a lot of time memorizing the lyrics and rehearsing their routine.

The police officers clearly enjoyed the challenge.

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Even though they were wearing their complete uniform, they were still able to show their best moves. In fact, their uniform didn’t stop them from getting into the pool and having an awesome time in the water.

Everyone was getting flipped and tossed and they didn’t mind. They didn’t hesitate to let loose and that’s why their entry was so much fun to watch.

Their video was selected as one of the best 30 departments to join the challenge.

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More than 2 million people were able to watch their performance and most of them have nothing but good things to say about the handsome police officers.

One of the viewers said:

“This has got to be one of the best responses to the challenge yet!! Dang man you have some FINE looking men in Cleveland. Making me consider taking my aunts advice to move there 💕😍😘😍😘😜”

Another one commented:

“Omg, lol I love it, Camera work is great and I love the money falling. Great work keep having fun and doing the amazing things you do.”

A viewer shared:

“OK, I love it, well I really, really love it. Hotties in uniform, dollars flying and a pool party. ARRRRGHHHH, yeah guys you killed it. Stay safe and keep up the good work.”

The public’s response to the lip-sync challenge has been overwhelmingly positive.

The majority of the comments you’ll read online can prove that. It has somehow allowed people to see the fun side of police officers.

Of course, we can’t expect everyone to love the idea. There are people who question the challenge and consider it as pointless and a waste of time and energy.

Well, the most important thing is that the videos are fun. Most of the people who’ve watched them had a great time and the police officers who participated enjoyed their break. That’s all that matters.

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