Acts of Kindness
Hero Chik-fil-A worker sees man with stick approach car with mom and baby takes action
Mykel saw what was going on and didn't hesitate to take action. Little did he know it was someone he had met just a couple of days before.
Jaclyn Abergas

When something bad happens to you, especially in a public place, you’d like to believe that people around you will come to your rescue.

Thankfully for this woman, that’s exactly what happened.

She had parked in a parking lot along Beal Parkway in Okaloosa County, Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

She was getting her baby out of the car when a middle-aged man snuck up to her, demanding her keys.

The suspect’s name is William Branch

He came up to the woman, wielding a stick that she believed he was going to use as a weapon.

Branch grabbed the keys from her waistband and stepped inside the car. The woman screamed for help.

Help came quick

Luckily, Mykel Gordon, an employee from the nearby fast food chain, Chick-fil-A, heard her and came to her rescue.

YouTube - Law&Crime Network
YouTube - Law&Crime Network

He got in a physical altercation with Branch, who punched him in the face. This didn’t stop Mykel and was focused on stopping the carjacker.

They wrestled on the ground and Mykel managed to pin him in a headlock just as his co-workers came to keep the suspect down.

While they waited for the police to arrive, another woman came up and screamed at the suspect.

“She had a baby in her hands, how dare you?!” the woman scolded the suspect. “How dare you scare her like that?”

YouTube - Law&Crime Network
YouTube - Law&Crime Network

When the police arrived, Branch was charged with carjacking with a weapon and battery.

It wasn’t the first time.

It turned out he was also the suspect in another carjacking incident just a few days before this incident.

It was in the same area and Mykel also caught him then. Mykel had chased him off, most likely believing he was not going to do it again. Boy was he wrong!

But this time, Mykel was ready.

How unfortunate for Branch that Mykel was still there when he tried to steal this woman’s car.

Needless to say, Chick-fil-A Fort Walton Beach store is happy they have a staff member like Mykel.

“At Chick-fil-A, our mission is to ‘Serve’ and today Mykel took it further……to ‘Save’,” the store wrote on their Facebook post.

As for Mykel, he was just doing his duty as a citizen and did not expect all the love he’s been getting.

“I’m just so happy that everyone is [safe] and sound. And Lord, the community is amazing. I didn’t expect all this love and support. Wow, I just did something I hope someone would do for my girls,” Mykel wrote on his Facebook wall.

One of the people who were proud of him and grateful to have him on his team is the operator of their Chick-fil-A branch, Matthew Sexton.

“I’m grateful for my amazing Team Member, Mykel Gordon, who so selflessly jumped in to intervene and help our Guests. I couldn’t be prouder of his incredible act of care,” Matthew said.

Watch in the video below how Mykel tackled the suspect and saved this woman and her baby.

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