13 sweet photos of cats before and after being adopted
What a difference some time and love make for an animal!

What a difference a little love and affection will make!

These 12 cats got adopted by a wonderful human when they were in need and after years of care, they’re looking happier and healthier than ever.

Check out these heartwarming transformations:

1. Saving a life

We don’t know how someone could think of an animal as disposable, but we sure are glad this kitten found a loving home.

Just look at how striking her eyes are and how healthy she looks now!

It’s tragic to think that someone once though of merely disposing of her.

2. Those eyes

It’s all in the eyes here. From vacant to full of expression.

This cat clearly looks at its owner with love.

3. All lit up

Tommy, then and now ♥️ from aww

Tommy became much larger in the span of just 365 days! And his eyes are certainly more aware of things now as well, look at that intent stare right into the camera!

Needless to say, he barely even fits between the legs of the chair anymore… It’s a great way to mark just how much wider he has become!

4. Growing into his name

Thor, then and now. from aww

Wow, they really lucked out with such a majestic cat like this and a great name! How could they have known that Thor would grow such a majestic beard!?

He looks so distinguished!

I can really see this being the feline embodiment of the great thunder god of eld! And MAN was he ever cute as a kitten, I love this!

5. A new attitude

Then and now, Toby has grown a lot in a year! from aww

There are a lot of cats named Toby as it turns out!

This one is pretty dang pretty though, look at that fur color! I especially love his very cat look a year later.

He’s clearly vibing with the pets or cuddles with his owner! He’s almost asleep!

6. From twin to king


These cute little cats need some new beds!

I can’t get over how cute the picture of them as kittens is! They’re all tucked in and they look so comfy!

The later picture of how they sleep now is more relateable though, I wake up like that pretty much every morning…

7. Ernie style

Napping Ernie style then and now from aww

Not much has changed for Ernie’s napping style, he still loves the straight-on-the-back naps! Cats are so funny when they sleep this way for some reason!

They’re normally so guarded and protective, especially of their underbellies!

But when they’re sleeping like this they just let go of all of that and fully embrace the big sleep!

8. Like a fine wine

Then and now from aww

This awkward little kitten grew into such a pretty cat!

Whatever issue she was having with her tear ducts has cleared up a year later! Maybe she just grew into them?

I always love how scruffy some kittens look, especially when you see them grow into some very well-groomed cats!

9. Cuddlers!

My cats then and now from aww

They love each other! This is way too cute! I love that they are cuddled up pretty much no matter what! And they’ve become such handsome kitties!

These are some seriously well-captured moments, I respect their owner’s dedication to capturing the perfect second.

Or maybe they always lay like that.

Either way, this is one sweet glow-up pic!

10. Keanu

My rescue cat— then and now from aww

This cat barely even looks different! It looks like it hasn’t aged a day! Still adorable as ever, though! I’m not sure how I’d classify the look this cat gives.

It’s almost like it just doesn’t care which is par for the course, but it seems pretty intent on something! Aloof but curious? Maybe this cat is just a walking paradox!

11. Sweet Cordelia

Cordelia then and now from aww

Now that’s an old kitty. From scruffy as a kitten to scruffy as an old lady!

She seems like the kind of cat that would poke her head out from an old abandoned house and deliver some ethereal knowledge to you, warning you of some danger waiting down the line.

12. The fix-up

It takes a special kind of person to take in a cat that needs so much care. But these heroes exist everywhere and their payment is years of companionship and love.

13. Saving Sally

Street Princess Sally, rescued one year ago. Pics from then and now. from aww

Aww, the pictures of Sally first getting rescued break my heart. That look up out of the box is just oozing gratitude! She looks so clean and healthy now! And that picture of her about to sneeze is absolutely hilarious as well, she’s so emotive!


Are you ready for some more heartwarming before and after adoption photos?

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By Jessica
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