Acts of Kindness
Boy picks school’s security officer for ‘Dress as your favorite person day’ since he protects them
When asked who he wanted to dress up as for the day he immediately shouted "Officer Cross!"
Sasha Alonzo

Everyone has someone that they look up to. Whether it’s a real person or a fictitious character.

You had probably idolized a fictional character, a superhero, or just an ordinary person who immensely amazed you because of what they do as a profession.

The school protector

For a young boy named Easton Blocker, it was the person who protects them as they learn at school.

It’s none other than Jefferey Cross, their school’s security officer.

At such a young age, the then kindergartner showed nothing but admiration for what Officer Cross does as a professional.

In fact, back in 2020 during the school’s “Dress As Your Favorite Person Day”, Easton made it obvious to the entire school.

On that very day, he came in all dressed up as a school security officer.

Donning a yellow shirt

He tried to match Officer Cross’ uniform exactly – yellow shirt, black pants, and black shoes.

The little school security officer was very proud in letting the entire school and Officer Cross know that he is his favorite person.

An inspiration to others

His mom, Lauryn, told Good Morning America, “He’s infatuated with Officer Cross. He will tell you, ‘That’s my best friend!'”

Easton’s mother saw and felt how her son truly admires Officer Cross.

To support her son at the upcoming event, she went out of her way and bought her son’s costume.

She even put “Junior Security” on the back of the yellow shirt using vinyl letters.

“For someone who my son looks up to so much I’m going to say, ‘Hey, this is how much he adores you,’” Lauryn added.

Officer Cross was deeply touched.

He is also a parent, a father of one, and for him, learning about all that was absolutely shocking.

Showing the security officer love

“Most of the scholars are expected to dress as their teachers or fellow classmates. Easton, ever since the first day of school, he comes up and hugs me. He’s adorable. He has a very fun, high-spirited personality,” he told GMA.

Let’s admit it, a kid’s innocence is one of the purest acts of kindness that we will witness in this cruel world.

Instead of admiring supernatural powers that are often seen on TV and in movies, Easton here is simply admiring how Office Cross is keeping them safe at school.

It made him love his job even more.

A new appreciation for what he does

After realizing that his duty greatly influenced a little boy like Easton, Officer Cross told THV11, “It makes me appreciate my job more.”

Who wouldn’t? If you see that your job does a lot of impact on someone, let alone a child, you will definitely love your profession more.

We are sure, that whenever Officer Cross gets tired, this wonderful experience will energize him to continue and push further.

A touching sight

Jacksonville North Pulaski School District also shared the beautiful moment on their official Facebook account.

The caption read, “Check this out! 💛🖤. Today is “Dress As Your Favorite Person Day” at Lester Elementary. Kindergarten scholar Easton dressed as Officer Cross, his favorite school security officer. 🖤💛
#JNPTitans #BuildingFutures”

“Junior Security” Easton and Officer Cross’ story simply shows that anyone can be a hero to someone.

You can see Easton and Officer Cross interact in the video below.

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By Sasha Alonzo
[email protected]
Sasha Alonzo is a contributor at SBLY Media.