Blind woodworker shares how he crafts incredible pieces without his eyes
John believes he was meant to be blind to become the man he is today.
Ma Fatima Garcia

“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us.” – John Mitchell

John Furniss is a popular artist, and woodsman, bringing inspiration to everyone he meets.

According to him, he’s happy and full of positivity in life, but it wasn’t like this before.


Years before, when John was still a teenager, he felt lost. He suffered from anxiety, and depression and never felt that he had a purpose in life.

He felt he didn’t belong.

With all those negative emotions, at just 16 years old, John took his own life.

Fortunately for him, John only lost his sense of smell and sight.

From there, he went into therapy, and rehab, and moved back into a small town.

It took him years to get back on track.

Then, one day, he enrolled in a vocational rehab to help him land a job.

The choices were cooking and cleaning, and then there was also a braille and wood shop.

John, at first, felt that they were silly to offer a wood shop as an option.

How could a blind person create woodwork?

After some thought, John tried woodwork. To his surprise, he found happiness with his new skill. Aside from falling in love with woodwork, he also discovered his innate talent for it.

He also met and married Annie, his soulmate, who shared his passion and supported him all the way.

One day, one of their friends asked them to try to share John’s amazing woodwork on TikTok.

At first, they were hesitant because they thought TikTok was for teens.

They tried TikTok and loved it, but what surprised them was how the public accepted and loved not just John’s work, but also his life story.

They already have over 1.8M followers.

Using his memories, and his hands, he visualizes what he wants to do and does it flawlessly.

Today, we know John as the “blind woodsman,” and if you’re going to ask him if he regrets some of his past decisions, this is his answer:

“I really, over the years, have come to believe that I am supposed to be blind. That’s something that I needed to have to become the man I am.”

He smiles as he shares how different his life is now.

Some might comment that being blind is difficult, but for John, that is not the case.

For this blind woodsman, life is beautiful, and even without seeing, he feels it and he lives with so much joy in his heart.

In another interview, he said that once, John was a guest speaker at a middle school where a 12-year-old girl attended.

“She said that her dad had committed suicide, and my story helped her understand why and helped her kind of deal with it. TikTok has allowed me to do that literally on a global scale,” John shared. “That’s something that would have taken me a lifetime.”

In his own little way, John is sharing his life experiences to inspire and help. It’s so nice to be alive, especially when you have found your purpose in life.

He shares his story, hoping to inspire people who may have experienced the same emotions and challenges that he had.

Losing his sight gave way for John to find his purpose. That’s what he believes today.

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By Ma Fatima Garcia
[email protected]
Ma Fatima Garcia is a contributor at SBLY Media.