Mother checks herself into mental health facility then confesses she abandoned 8-month baby in field
Officers didn't know in what condition the baby would be if they found him.
Jaclyn Abergas

Can you imagine having to manage both your mental health issues and your duties as a mother to a young baby?

This baby’s mother couldn’t.

And that’s why she asked for help to check her into a facility for her mental health concerns.

She had gone to the Baton Rouge Fire Department on a Tuesday and was taken to the hospital to get treatment. And while she was being treated, she mentioned that she had left her baby abandoned in a field in Baton Rouge.

They quickly informed the Baton Rouge Fire Department which, together with the Baton Rouge Fire Department, Parish Search and Rescue, East Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office, Emergency Medical Services, Acadian Ambulance, and hospital staff, performed a search-and-rescue for the 8-month-old baby boy.

They brought with them the baby boy’s mother so she can assist the first responders with the search. Finally, they found the baby, safe and alive, on Wednesday morning.

Facebook/Channel 9 Baton Rouge
Facebook/Channel 9 Baton Rouge

“The medics jumped on him and started treating him right away and … I think he’s gonna be fine. You know, it’s still in a dangerous area, but still think that it’s just a miracle basically to see the condition he was in. I did not expect that at all,” Mike Chutz with East Baton Rouge Emergency Medical Services said.

This is good news for the boy’s mother who most likely did not realize the severity of her actions because of her mental health issues. Thank goodness his angel was there to protect him.

Facebook/Channel 9 Baton Rouge
Facebook/Channel 9 Baton Rouge

As for the police, they are still conducting an investigation of the whole situation.

“The infant was taken to a local hospital for precautionary medical treatment. It’s believed that the mother suffered apparent medical issues. No charges are pending at this point in time. This investigation remains ongoing,” the Baton Rouge Police Department released.

Unfortunately, this is a serious issue for mothers and parents with mental health issues and their children.

While there are no statements released regarding the mother’s mental health state, it is common knowledge that there are some mothers who go through post-partum depression more severely than other mothers. And some mothers are diagnosed with other mental health conditions.

Because they are easily dismissed as “baby blues,” mothers don’t get the necessary support they need to manage their mental health issues. When they don’t get the necessary help, their condition can get worse over the years and affect their relationship with their children in the long run.


Family and friends need to step in and assist the mother so that she can get well to take care of her children.

Having a mental health condition does not make a mother an unfit mother. The first step is always to recognize that they have a condition that needs to be recognized and managed.

As for this mother and baby, we are glad they are getting the help they need so they can both get well.

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