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Autistic boy has his pepper plant stolen so parents devise plan to have officer bring him justice

June 16th, 2021

Children with Autism are very observant so they will notice everything, including your attitude toward them. – Trevor Pacelli

Respect is such a big word, but not everyone knows how much it means. This story will teach us different views on respect, trust, and hope.

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At such a young and tender age, Bailee Pultz’s four-year-old son has already shown so much love, care, and respect for all living things. That’s why this little guy has been working so hard in taking care of his small pepper plant.

This little boy has autism, but that doesn’t stop him from exploring the world.

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Four years ago, his story went viral because of the sweet gesture that happened one faithful day.

Bailee’s little boy had put so much effort into cultivating a little pepper sprout in a pot. The child from North Bend, Oregon, was so excited to wake up each day so he could tend to his tiny plant.

He gave it water and allowed it to enjoy lots of sunlight in his garden. It was slow progress, but this little child didn’t mind. He was happy to see it growing and thriving.

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One day, the little boy ran outside to tend to his plant when he discovered it was gone!

Someone stole his pepper plant.

The poor boy was so heartbroken. He loved that little plant, he respected it and cared for it, but someone who had ill intention took it.

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Like any parent, Bailee and her husband were concerned and wanted to resolve the issue as soon as possible. They couldn’t bear seeing their little boy heartbroken.

What surprised them was how their four-year-old son responded to them.

“Don’t worry mommy and daddy, the cops will catch him and bring my peppers back,” the little boy told his parents at bedtime that night.

Posted by Bailee Pultz onSaturday, November 4, 2017

Despite his sadness, this little boy had huge faith in his local police department.

That’s why his parents thought of a plan that will surprise their child the next day.

One of their kind-hearted neighbors went out and bought a brand new pepper plant! Then, Bailee and her husband contacted North Bend Police Department, where they explained what happened.

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NBPDOR/Facebook Photo Source: NBPDOR/Facebook Photo

Without hesitation, Officer Chris Rule arrived in their home within ten minutes.

He was determined to restore the little boy’s faith.

Officer Rule happily delivered the new pepper plant to the little boy, who was so thrilled to see how much his little plant had grown!

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The little child didn’t have an idea that it was, in fact, a brand new plant but that didn’t matter. What matters is that this sweet little boy was so happy!

Bailee decided to share a few photos of the kind Officer Rule and her son, along with the new healthy pepper plant.

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In her Facebook account, Bailee said:

“Within 5-10 minutes they sent an officer out who was so kind and helped deliver my son’s new pepper plant. He was so happy and kept thanking the officer for growing his plant so big! (His previous peppers were tiny starts) HUGE thank you to North Bend Police department for being so incredible and and making this little boy’s day!”

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NBPDOR / Facebook Photo Source: NBPDOR / Facebook Photo

The little boy’s family was so grateful for their local police. Indeed, Officer Rule was there to “protect and serve.” No wonder the little boy respected the police so much.

Officer Rule, you are indeed a hero!

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