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Animal hospital offers to treat police horses for free after riots leave them injured

June 19th, 2020

As everyone knows, the world is in a chaotic state right now. What should be peaceful protests have erupted into violence. As part of that, protesters themselves, along with police, business owners, and innocent bystanders have been injured or had property destroyed.

But there’s harm in yet another way. Police horses are sustaining injuries because of people’s poor actions. Recently, one horse was hit in the face with a rock, causing a lot of damage. For most people, that’s both unbelievable and unacceptable.

But one organization has stepped up to help.

Responding to riot areas

Mounted officers are often sent into the worst areas where riots occur. Being on horseback provides two benefits. For one thing, it allows cops to move about more freely, getting into places where cars can’t reach. But the horses, being so big and strong, also serve as a shield and special force.

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Unsplash/John Cameron Source: Unsplash/John Cameron

Directly in harm’s way

The downside is that horses used by police officers are put directly into harm’s way. They’re front and center, facing violent behavior and uncertain situations.

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Unsplash/Randy Colas Source: Unsplash/Randy Colas

Facing the unknown

The horses used for police work aren’t just strong. They’re also specially trained for what we’re seeing happen across the country. Even so, with bottles, bricks, rocks, and other objects flying, they get spooked and hit. Some people have gone as far as to poke at their eyes and kick them.

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Twitter@NBC4 Columbus Source: Twitter@NBC4 Columbus

There’s no excuse

Riots aren’t just occurring in the US following the murder of George Floyd. In London, one mounted police officer was thrown from her horse. Her animal then took off running, obviously overwhelmed with fear.

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YouTube Screenshot/Sky News Source: YouTube Screenshot/Sky News

Another example

In Dallas, Cash, a gorgeous horse used by the police force there, was hit with a large rock. Even while wearing a face, this horse received a significant gash to his cheek. Both cops and firefighters quickly grabbed towels to help control the bleeding.

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Twitter@Fox 4 Terry Source: Twitter@Fox 4 Terry

Stepping up to help

But in Ohio, one animal hospital is doing more than just helping injured police horses. They’re providing their services at no charge. They made the decision after the story about Cash surfaced.

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Twitter@Fox 4 Terry Source: Twitter@Fox 4 Terry

Making a statement

Instead of focusing on all the negativity, the Animal Eye Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio had this to say,

“We aren’t in any way going to get political here, but if any police horses have eye injuries from protests from Columbus down to Lexington, we will treat them for free.”

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Animal Eye Institute Source: Animal Eye Institute

Helping without taking sides

That’s the cool thing. To show compassion to an injured animal, you don’t have to be a Democrat, Republican, black, or white. It’s not about any of that…it’s simply about doing the right thing for innocent animals.

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Unsplash/Mike Von Source: Unsplash/Mike Von

On the mend

As for Cash, this amazing horse is healing nicely. He’s received excellent veterinarian care and given a lot of love and support from people all over the world.

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Facebook/Dallas Police Department Tactical Support Unit Source: Facebook/Dallas Police Department Tactical Support Unit

Stop the violence

It’s bad enough seeing humans hurt and even killed. But when innocent animals sustain injury, that hits a lot of people even harder. Police horses aren’t doing anything but their job…just like the majority of police officers.

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Unsplash/Mat Reding Source: Unsplash/Mat Reding

Do the right thing

Protesting is one thing — rioting is something completely different. We all hope this will end soon so that no more humans or animals are subjected to violence. A representative from the Animal Eye Institute had one more thing to say.

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Unsplash/Stacy Ropati Source: Unsplash/Stacy Ropati

“Hopefully, no more horses will be injured and no police departments will have to take up the medical group’s offer.” This gesture is beyond kind. It’s reassuring to know in a world of turmoil that good-hearted people exist and are willing to help.

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Source: Western Journal, YouTube