Young Girl Sings Lovely Version Of “All Of Me”

January 21st, 2021

Lots of musicians started their careers with street performances.

This was exactly how Mia Black began to take off. She is only thirteen years old but already has lots of fans.

With the support of her father, Mia Black is getting a head start in kicking of her singing career.

Mia Black has that gift of stopping people in their tracks with her angelic voice.

Here she is with John Legend’s “All of me“.

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It was not until she started performing in the streets (known as busking) that she gained her confidence in front of people. One Song Magazine asked her how she was able to have such strong self-confidence at a young age and she answered,

β€œDefinitely most of it has come from Galway busking, Galway is in the west of Ireland! The 1st time I busked was in August 2018, I was age 11. I was nervous at the beginning but after 2 or 3 times, busking became much easier.”

Since her busking debut in 2018 she has not stopped.

Mia has been musical since before she can even remember. She was interviewed about her rising stardom and said,

β€œMy Dad once said I was humming in tune (in a very basic sense) with the speakerphone dial tone since when I was around 7 months old that was before I could even talk … I’ve been singing solo since age 7 at concerts, theatre Musicals, and weddings as a guest artist since then.”

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Residents and travelers from all over the world have watched Mia Black perform in the streets of Galway, Ireland.

Some made the effort of traveling to see her while others made use of the internet.

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Check out all those people. And yet her father is there, recording her performance.

It’s one of those pleasant surprises when you’re out shopping, having a nice drink, or just wanting to pass the time.

The beauty of music.

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Some onlookers actually give Mia money for her performance. And who’s going to say no to cash donations? Singers get hungry too!

She is so relaxed performing such a gorgeous song. Mia already knows that at such a young age, she has a voice that can tackle songs most folks would avoid during karaoke sessions.

Try singing a John Legend song and you’ll know what I’m saying.

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At the end of Mia’s performance, the street audience gave her an approving round of applause to which she responds to with a smile.

She might have the voice of an adult, but her smile brings the viewers back to reality that she is still only a thirteen-year-old girl.

Since her performance has been uploaded to YouTube the video has over two million views.

The video also has over three thousand comments such as,

β€œShe has the most amazing voice I have ever heard, keep it up! Great job girl!”

β€œSuch a talented young girl with a beautiful voice.”

β€œShe’s absolutely incredible such an amazing talent. She sounds like a pure angel!”

Watch Mia Black’s beautiful performance of β€œAll of Me” below.

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Source: YouTube, Mia Black