Against all odds, man whose mom was told he wouldn’t see age 11 celebrates 62

January 14th, 2021

Miracles do happen!

Sometimes, the unthinkable restores your faith in humanity.

And these days, we could all use a miracle!

Meet Joey Wittkugle. He’s battled the odds all his life.

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Joey’s been doubted since day one.

On the day of his birth, his now 90-year-old mother Bobbi recalls doctors advising her to put him in an institution.

“You have to put him away. He’ll never talk and he’ll never walk. He’ll never know who you are. He will live to the age of 11 and that will be the end of it.”

But Bobbi knew better. She loves him more than anything.

She wasn’t going to have it. Instead, she focused on giving Joey the life he deserved.

Now, Joey’s 62!

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That’s right. He’s well outlived the original prediction of 11!

A few months ago, Bobbi and the members of his local community threw him a huge birthday bash!

In fact, they organized a motor parade!

You read that correctly.

Neighbors drove by in motorcycles and cars to wish Joey a happy birthday!

The results were nothing short of fantastic!

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Wow, what a celebration!

Friends and family showed up from near and far. The motor parade was perfect given the circumstances.

This way, they were able to abide by social distancing norms and pay their respects at the same time.

Everyone in the neighborhood joined in on the fun!

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The world has changed for the better.

Bobbi admits that the perception of those with Down syndrome and other disabilities has changed considerably over time.

“Sixty-two years ago, nobody knew about them and they kept them in the house. I mean, you did not have them out walking or one thing or another.”

Developments in health and medicine, as well as cultural shifts, have made a regular life attainable for Joey over the years.

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I wonder what the world will look like in 50 years?

Bobbi adds:

“I want people to start understanding, when you see one of our children, don’t turn your back at them like they did years ago. They are human, they are special from God and please learn to love them as much as they love you.”

Fortunately, norms surrounding those with Down syndrome have evolved.

Joey leads a normal life with the people he loves the most.

Most notably? His mom Bobbi.

She’s always been there for him. And she always will!

In 62 years, that much hasn’t changed.

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Joey and Bobbi love each other to death.

Their amazing stories and personalities have touched countless others over the decades.

Bobbi’s been there for him since day one, plowing forward even when medical professionals couldn’t give her good news.

They’re still as happy as ever, 62 years after Joey’s birth!

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Well, we certainly hope Joey had a fantastic happy birthday. The photos are absolutely wild!

Happy birthday, Joey!

We hope for many more healthy years to come!

The world’s a little topsy-turvy these days, but things will be fine (I hope).

Check out the entirety of Joey’s story and 62nd birthday bash!

As we feel our way through this new year, remember to love thy neighbor and stay safe and healthy!

We’re still in the middle of a global pandemic so stay vigilant!

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