7-Year-Old Boy Helps His Best Friend Walk After Car Crash

November 13th, 2018

Learning to walk again after a car crash is a challenge for anybody. No child should have to go through it. But that was the case for 7-year-old Rush Monday of Greensboro, North Carolina. He has been in the hospital since Oct. 11, when the car carrying him, his sister, and their mother was hit in an oncoming collision.

Rush’s mother and sister weren’t seriously injured. But the 7-year-old had many internal injuries. He underwent emergency surgery at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro. Since then, he has been bedridden. Anyone who has had a similar experience knows how difficult it is to learn how to get back on your feet after spending days or weeks in bed.

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After an accident, the effects can be long-term.

Even though it sounds pleasant, bed rest is actually incredibly hard on the body. Muscle deterioration happens quickly in the neck, abdomen, back, and legs. After only a week, patients can lose up to 30 percent of muscle strength.

Rebuilding the muscles takes a much longer time. While patients are learning to walk again, they are likely to fall frequently, which can be frustrating. Since bed rest also affects bone strength, falls can cause broken bones.

Patients also struggle with cardiovascular problems. Once they are learning to get back on their feet, they are lightly to be dizzy and fall or faint often. Since their heart is not working as efficiently, walking even a little can make them extremely tired.

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Even adults need emotional support during healing.

It’s a huge emotional toll, especially for a young child. Thankfully, Rush isn’t going through it alone. His best friend, Quinton, has been by his side the whole time.

Quinton’s mother, Shamicka Neal, said that her son was devastated when they learned of the accident. But he knew that he had to be a bedrock for his friend.

“It just broke my heart — Rush is like my son,” Neal said. “I had to explain to Quinton what happened, and he just broke down in tears and I had to explain to him: ‘You know we have to be strong, because if you’re gonna see Rush, we can’t be crying.’ He was like, ‘OK, Mommy. I’m gonna be strong so Rush can be strong.’”

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Having a friend by his side has made all the difference for Rush.

Since then, Quinton has been Rush’s number 1 fan during his rehabilitation. He visited him in the hospital to talk to him, play air hockey, and recently, help him take his first steps since the accident.

The boys have been best friends since they were 4 years old.

“No other words needed honestly,” Rush’s mother, Tara Monday, posted on Facebook. “But I have to say that when Rush and Quinton met when they were 4 years old at Reidsville High School Pre-K in Mrs. Brown’s class, we couldn’t have imagined the bond that was going to form. These sweet boys have been inseparable since. Shared sons’ to each other’s families alike. They’re more than friends. More than best friends. They truly are brothers. This world is a better place because of their love for one another.”

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The freak accident was one that the family never wants to experience again.

The Oct. 11 accident was terrifying for the family. A car swerved across the center line and headed straight for the Mondays’ vehicle, hitting them head on. Tara Monday credits seatbelts for saving their lives, but it was instantly clear that Rush was badly injured.

She said her son was laying on the floor of the car, screaming that his stomach hurt.

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It was hard to know where to start.

Following his emergency surgery, the 7-year-old was confused and scared. His mother said he had no motivation to get out of bed or do anything … until Quinton came to visit him. His best friend’s presence helped Rush feel strong again, just like he hoped it would.

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Almost a month later, things are almost back to normal.

Now, Rush is ready to go back to school. A few days after he took his first steps with Quinton’s help, his recovery was celebrated at the hospital with many family members and friends. Of course, the Neal family was right there along with them.

Thankfully, Rush’s mother and sister, Leila, are doing just fine after the accident. Now, they’re happy that Rush is on the mend and touched that he had so much support from loved ones.

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No other words needed honestly.
But I have to say that when Rush and Quinton met when they were 4 years old at…

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