Thrift stores are havens that everyone loves. There’s nothing like hitting one up on a quiet afternoon and sifting through junk to see what you can find. There’s a lot of truth to the saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and thrift stores are living proof of that.

You can find everything from wedding dresses to salt shakers, but the finds get even weirder and more fascinating. Just take the story of Teri Horton. In 1992, she paid $5 for a piece of thrift store art that she liked. It turned out to be a possible Jackson Pollock painting with a possible worth of as much as $140 million.

Horton spent the last 27 years haggling over what she says is a “fair price” for the painting, even turning down $9 million from a Saudi art collector.

While most of us will never be quite that lucky, we can still find some amazing things at thrift stores. Tucked away between kitschy knick-knacks are some of the best and most beautiful items — some for mere cents.

Here are 60 of the best thrift store, flea market, and garage sale finds.