If there’s one thing that Hollywood is synonymous with, it’s short marriages. From Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries to Britney Spears’ quickly-annulled marriage to Jason Alexander in 2004, celebrities aren’t known for their “‘til death do us part” attitude.

Maybe that’s why it’s so refreshing to hear about starlets who — even surrounded by the glitter and glam of the red-carpet style — stay true to their significant other.

The 2010s haven’t been kind to celebrity marriages. The world was shocked over the split of Brad Pritt and Angelina Jolie earlier this year after 14 years together. Meanwhile, Chris Pratt and Anna Farris also parted ways, making Pratt’s fan girls equally excited and disbelieving.

But, if reading about your favorite celebrities makes you despair, don’t. There are still plenty of marriages in Hollywood that have stood the test of time. Some of them made it work by keeping their personal lives out of the spotlight, making their public image all about their work. Others cite communication, hard work, and respect as the glue that keeps them together.

No matter what their secret is, these couples are together through illness, stress, and scandal — through thick and thin.