4-Year-old sees man 'sleeping on the floor' in bathroom not knowing he's having a seizure

March 17th, 2020

A little girl is being hailed a hero after she stepped up during a medical emergency. She knew exactly what to do and it saved his life.

4-year-old Caleigh Colcannon is a passionate animal lover. She and her mom, Heather, were volunteering for the very first time at Golden Opportunities for Independence, a Walpole, Massachusetts farm that trains service dogs.

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What happened next put Caleigh to the test.

“She had asked to go to the bathroom. She knew where it was. So she ran in,” Heather Concannon told Boston CBS.

When Caleigh pushed open the bathroom door, she saw something that didn’t seem right.

“And I ran back to my mom. And then I’m like, there’s someone sleeping on the floor,” Caleigh said.

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The man wasn’t sleeping, however. In fact, it was the farm’s director of operations, Dr. Michael Flynn, and he was having an epileptic seizure.

Caleigh knew that whatever was happening in the bathroom needed immediate attention from an adult. She’s also familiar with dealing with similar situations at her home.

“He was sick,” says Caleigh. “Because my dad has diabetes.”

Due to his diabetes, Caleigh’s dad sometimes loses consciousness, so her family has talked to her about what to do if she sees that happen. For Caleigh, what she saw in the bathroom was comparable to that, which is why she immediately went to her mom.

“She figured out he was having a seizure, and she called the ambulance and stuff like that,” Caleigh says.

Despite her age, Heather isn’t surprised that her daughter reacted the way she did – calmly yet urgently going straight for help.

“She knew exactly what to do, and she’s 4 years old,” Heather said.

“I am so proud of her. I am just in awe at the responsibility and the seriousness and her perception in handling the situation,” a thankful Dr. Flynn told their local news station.

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Caleigh’s quick-thinking and heroic actions didn’t go unnoticed in the community. In fact, the Walpole Police Department gave her a Community Hero Award, recognizing her impressive behavior.

“The situation could have been a lot worse than it was and so as a result, she really is a community hero,” said Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael.

To really put the icing on the cake, Caleigh was also awarded movie tickets as well.

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It’s so touching to see that a little girl who was already spending her time volunteering to help puppies and those in need, ended up saving a life on the same day. It’s clear that Caleigh has a future in philanthropy or medicine, helping others is just their nature. Her family must be so proud.

Learn more about Caleigh and her amazing actions on that fateful day in the video below.

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Source: BoredDaddy, The Week, CBS