3 Thieves stalk 77-year-old grandma at ATM and learn brutal lesson when she turns around

April 2nd, 2021

You got to love the elderly.

They have so many stories to tell and so much wisdom. You can always count on them to teach you a lesson or two.

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The extensive time they have spent on this earth may have surely increased their awareness, enabling them to catch things that the younger generation may not be able to catch.

The elderly deserve more credit.

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This is one of the reasons you want to think twice if you’re thinking of pulling a fast one on them.

People think it is so much easier to take advantage of older people. They think they’re not strong or quick enough. Well, let us introduce you to Winifred Peel.

She’s a 77-year-old grandma who proved that theory wrong.

Peel was out taking a walk in Wirral, a city known as “The Wirral” located in North West England when she decided to stop at an ATM. It didn’t take long for her instincts to kick in and she became aware that something was wrong.

There was someone in line behind her seemingly waiting for the ATM.

Really, they were waiting for her.

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Three thieves- Piper Dumitru, Florin Geblescu, and Felix Stoica approached Ms. Peel.

However, these thieves were in for a surprise. Ms. Peel may be older but she wasn’t going to go down without a fight. One of the thieves ended up knocking her off balance while the other one tried to steal about 200 euros from her.

They thought they had her right where they wanted her.

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Little did these guys know they were in for the lesson of a lifetime.

Peel remembered seeing these thugs the day before and knew that they would be up to no good. Her memory served her right and, sure enough, they weren’t.

Just when these thieves thought they were going to pull a fast one, the little granny over-powered one of them.

She grabbed him and slammed his head on the ATM!

Not just once but a few times. You know, for good measure.

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You better not be quick to jump to conclusions about elderly people, they might just surprise you!

Who would have thought that the muggers would have been the ones to be afraid? Soon after she scared them off, she quickly called the police. The officers were successfully able to locate the thieves.

They were arrested, charged, and jailed as they should be. Thankfully, and perhaps most importantly, Peel wasn’t injured.

So, where Ms. Peel got the strength to overpower the thief?

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According to Boreddaddy, Peel had been going to the gym regularly in her 70s. If it wasn’t for her strong sense of awareness, her memory, and her regular gym visits, she may not have been able to react as fast.

However, in a statement to Metro news, Ms. Peel stated:

“I would definitely say this has changed my life, I will never have the confidence I once did.”

Even though Ms. Peel may not feel as confident since this unfortunate event happened, the bright side is that she was able to defend herself and help get these thieves off the street.

This story more than proves that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or, you could end up being taught a life lesson.

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