Taking exams is a nerve-wracking part of being a student. After all, passing tests is the only way to make sure you graduate. Your grades can make a huge difference in your future.

So, it’s no wonder that exams can be stressful for any one taking them. Even worse, plenty of students aren’t good at taking tests. Sure, they might know the information but when it’s time to fill in a multiple-choice sheet, they panic.

It’s not hard to see why some students try to cheat on their exams. Even if you’ve never done so yourself, you can probably understand.

Unfortunately, schools don’t take cheating lightly. If you’re lucky, you might get a 0 on the test. If not, you could end up getting kicked out of school.

It makes sense. Tests are a measure of your knowledge. Therefore, d you should never misrepresent that. Can you imagine having surgery done by a medical professional who cheated their way through school?

It’s no wonder that teachers take cheating seriously. Most of the time, they walk up and down the classroom aisles keeping an eye on each student. But every now and then, they get a little bit more creative. While some people might think this is insane, others find it inspiring. And who says teachers don’t want the best for their students…they do, at all costs.