Dad has priceless reaction when 2-yr-old takes over his music & refuses to let him change song

October 29th, 2020

We all have that friend. The friend who gets in the car and takes over the radio. And they ALWAYS have to play DJ.

Want to play one of your songs on the radio? Not when that friend is in the car.

Two-year-old Maliya Kabs is basically that friend. And we love it! When she gets in the car with dad, it’s her music or he can hit the highway. And Maliya isn’t listening to Kids Bop. She listening to the hottest joints on the radio.

Maliya knows all the words which she pairs with her own sassy dance moves. Maliya’s sassy antics are huge on the internet.

Her family are huge internet stars.

The UK family has more than 98 million views on YouTube, 600,000 followers each on their YouTube and Instagram pages, and more than 1.6 million Facebook fans. Maliya also has her very own Instagram page with more than 164,000 followers.

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So, she’s kind of a big deal. One of the family’s most popular videos shows Maliya taking over her dad’s car as DJ.

That video has more than 16.2 million views.

Yup! This video of this little diva was viewed that many times.The video starts off with her rapping to a song in the car pointing at her dad while she’s singing.

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I love when she holds her little hands over her heart.

The song changes and then she starts throwing in a little shoulder action and starts swinging her head.

She looks up at her daddy while she’s grooving. This is her jam!

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Then dad makes a big mistake. He attempts to change the song. But Maliya squashes that action real quick.

“No, no, no, no, no,” she tells him wagging a finger at him.

Not on her watch! Not during her jam! Dad retreats and allows his daughter to go on getting down with her bad self.

Then the song changes and it’s a banger.

She goes wild.

This… is… her.. song!

She starts screaming with excitement when she hears the tune start.

She even has a very specific dance for this song.

She’s doing some kind of chopping motion with her hands.

Then all of a sudden, she’s had a enough.

She tries to open the car door by herself and get out.

But dad steps before she can make her move.

“Mali, what are you doing?” Daddy asks her.

“I’m trying to get out?” she tells him.

“Get out and do what?” he replies.

“I wanna go outside,” she explains.

“But what do you want to do outside?” he says.

She again makes it very clear that she wants to go outside again before the video ends.

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“This is what Teija [Maliya’s sister] created,” her dad wrote in the video’s caption.

Hundreds of people commented on the Youtube video.

“His face is everything u need to know about a father of mode,”one commenter said of the dad.

“1. The relationship between father and daughter 2. Relationship between both sisters 3.those girls have better moves than I do and I’m 43. I’ve seen this video so man,” another wrote.

“Don’t know which one is funnier….the baby singing and dancing or dad’s facial expressions!! Too funny….” and another.

Check out this video of the adorable dad and daughter duo below.

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Source: The Kabs Family