Acts of Kindness

15 moments of selflessness that are restoring people’s faith in humanity

March 31st, 2021

Society can be a bit of a Debby downer at times. With so many crazy news stories happening lately, it’s no wonder why many people believe humanity is going nowhere.

According to a study done by the National Institute of Mental Health(NIMH), suicide is the tenth leading cause of death overall in the United States. Thankfully, there are still some gems out there who work daily miracles to restore our faith in humanity.

These are just 15 of the millions of people who go unnoticed making things a little brighter for those going through dark times.

Rain Rain Go Away

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cuddleingwithbuttholes Source: cuddleingwithbuttholes

This dad can easily win Father of the Year. His selflessness and sacrifice truly show when he uses an umbrella to make sure his son doesn’t get caught in the rain. Sometimes it’s not how big of a sacrifice, but how big of an impact that matters most.

Homeless Hospitality

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cuddleingwithbuttholes Source: cuddleingwithbuttholes

Never judge a book or a person by its cover. If you have to, let’s be sure they’re well-groomed first. An NYC barber by the name of Mark Bustos was willing to give free haircuts to those on the street without shelter. “I approach individuals on the street or parks and tell them the purpose of what I do,..cutting their hair becomes a lot like a therapy session and not just a haircut.”

Love of Laughter

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cuddleingwithbuttholes Source: cuddleingwithbuttholes

The least unexpected things can happen in the most opportune moments. A lucky lass got the doll she wanted when a stranger heard her oogling over a new edition of her favorite plastic figurine. “This guy heard my daughter ooh and ahh over a doll she wanted for her birthday. Five minutes later he came back with her doll and ha receipt.” That’s what we call a hero that wears no cape!

Gaseous Greeting

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cuddleingwithbuttholes Source: cuddleingwithbuttholes

Our idea of gas stations is pretty limited: get gas, take a pit stop, or pick up some cheap food to munch on the road trip. We rarely experience a level of kindness that this gas station displays when they decided to show a get-well-soon sign for the neighboring cancer center. This is exactly the type of gesture we should be striving for in order to achieve a more peaceful world together.

Lake Buddy

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Stonehouse Hudson Source: Stonehouse Hudson

This man takes his sick dog inside the lake because the water apparently aids with reducing his pain. Talk about having a deep connection with your doggo! This man is an inspiration to pet owners and is a role model for how we should consider our pets to be part of our family and nothing less.

First Place Isn’t Everything

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Nobody Source: Nobody

The runner Jacqueline Kiplimo helps this disabled runner finish the race held in Taiwan and it ultimately cost her a spot on the first place podium. This is the definition of selflessness. Imagine all of the tiring hours put to achieve the moment of triumph, only to throw it away at the presence of another who has struggled with a disability all of their life. That’s a true winner.

Barren Birthday

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John Buratti Source: John Buratti

If you think having nobody at your birthday party is hard enough, imagine being a small autistic boy experiencing such a tragedy. Thankfully, these awesome firefighters, officers, and local kids came to the rescue and made sure to brighten up his day. One officer even gave him a pair of Incredible Hulk gloves so he can smash anything that tries to get in the way of his birthday. We’re so happy for you kiddo!

Lucky Lamb

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kiddlez Source: kiddlez

Two Norwegian fellows pull of an incredible rescue when they pulled a lamb out of rushing water to prevent it from dying. They were so determined that they even put their own life on the line to make sure another animal got to see another day. By the end of it, the lamb had a face of appreciation and the two rescuers felt their actions were necessary to secure the lamb’s safety.

Duck Destiny

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iBleeedorange Source: iBleeedorange

There seems to be a trend with Norwegians. Either they are really nice or just really selfless, or both! This Norwegian sacrificed it all to save the life of a duck who was stuck drowning in a frozen lake. You’ve got to have a lot of stones to be able to pull this one off, and thankfully, he did!

Animal Attitude

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WhyDidYouCheckMyName Source: WhyDidYouCheckMyName

This petite hero donated all of her money from selling her stuffed animals to a local animal shelter. Looks like her big heart wouldn’t let the proceeds go to waste. She made sure the real animals got the help they deserved and it didn’t matter if it would cost her less time with the stuffed ones.

A Kitty in Korea

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moogoesthecat Source: moogoesthecat

This soldier takes a moment away from battle to make sure this little kitty got the necessary attention it needed. This image is truly worth a thousand words considering he’s already put his life in danger by being there, let alone trying to save the life of a small cat. You sir, are an inspiration to us all!

Granny Goodness

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Imgur Source: Imgur

This grandson sure knew how to make his 84-year-old grandma feel special after wearing a nightgown to match. He knew she was embarrassed to wear it, and so decided to join in and make her feel like she was okay to wear it. No shame when it comes to being selfless and showing love for those you care about.

Dry-clean Dream

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thetownecrier Source: thetownecrier

This establishment did right by those struggling on the streets. It proposed that if you are unemployed and needed a clean outfit for an interview, they would provide their dry-cleaning services absolutely free. Now that’s what we call a service worth keeping!

A Shoveling Finish

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imgur Source: imgur

An elderly man had suffered a strong heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital by paramedics. He was just shoveling his driveway when calamity ensued without a warning and his life suddenly hinged on the border. To everyone’s surprise, the paramedics returned to the driveway after dropping him off in order to finish shoveling the snow out. Give these guys a raise at the very least! We need more servicemen like this out there.

Sweet Swing Set

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rogueghost Source: rogueghost

This swings were built specifically for children in wheelchairs. This is just too wholesome for words! It will grant so many good times to those children who never thought they would get the chance to swing and frolic joyously. To the people who carried out this project, we commend you dearly for your selfless contributions!

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Source: Sharingsmiles ,NIMH