15 gorgeous haircuts from instagram that are worth trying
Hairstyles are a quick and easy way to switch up your everyday beauty look. If you're still sporting the same long, layer-less cut or wearing a dated pixie with no shape, it's time to make a change.
Kenny Fernandez

It’s just hair, we say. But it actually holds a lot of power – over us, and sometimes even over others.

A bad hair day can really bring us down, whereas a great haircut can make us feel like a whole new person.

Not everyone is a good candidate for a good chop, but we found 15 of our favorite hair transformations for those of you trying to decide if you need a new look. Check them out below:

1. Sweet To Sophisticated

She looked like a sheltered angel before and now she oozes sophistication and class. Her slight smirk and perfect brows help her case, but it’s that new cut that is inspiring everyone. The texture is phenomenal.

2. The cutest cut

We are so happy for this lovely lady, not only because her hair looks so great but because she just got at least 15 extra minutes in her days that she’d normally spend with a blow dryer in her hand.

3. Yes, mama!

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Her heart may be one-in-the-same but she looks like a completely different person. Twenty years younger, bolder, and dare I say, more alluring.

The color looks so good on her that it might as well be her natural color.

4. For the children

This young lady got her hair cut for Wigs for Kids. She donated it all and she’s never looked better, inside and out. Her long hair was unique but there’s something about her new feathery look that is beyond charming.

5. All the drama

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There’s something special about cutting it all off AND changing your color dramatically. When you do it as well as this woman did, you can impress anyone.

Even if you like long locks, you can’t ignore how great she looks.

6. The eyes have it!

Although her hair looked good before, this new fresh look does wonders for her.

Those eyes are popping in the best way with that angelic glow. Not to mention, the rich color of her hair is comforting.

7. Rad red

This woman didn’t need to do her hair, she looked awesome in her curls. But whenever she stepped out of the salon in that edgy red hair, jaws dropped.

Even without the color, that cut is SO stylish!

8. Ravishing refresh

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Her long hair looks great and so youthful, but every other girl has that look. That’s why she switched to the refreshing pixie cut to mix things up. It’s daring, yet looks good on almost anyone.

9. Keep it simple

This woman wanted to keep it simple so she wouldn’t lose her identity. She got a blunt cut which looks oh, so chic! You can’t go wrong with a cut like that if your hair is as straight as hers.

10. From frazzled to fun

Whatever it is that she was looking for, she found it. This look is so her, you can tell without even knowing her. It must be the glint in her eye or her initial panic face in the first picture.

What a fun woman!

11. Gorgeous ginger

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She looks beautiful either way since those freckles really steal the show.

But while her long hair made her look like a model, but her shorter hair makes her look like a supermodel. This change was a good one.

12. Turning back time

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Growing out your hair is no joke. It takes years! That’s why it’s so inspiring when women really go for it.

This lovely lady not only got a cut but a stellar set of highlights!

13. A successful reset

This is what success looks like. She had to start all over with a really short cut but she is going to rock it every step of the day.

She looks so much more glam now that you can see those amazing cheekbones!

14. Taking off 10 years

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This momma is looking good! After getting an adorable pixie cut, she looks ten years younger, at least.

But the best part is that she looks happier and more confident in her new hair. That’s what matters most!

15. Once you go plat

This woman looks like a doll with her perfect makeup and doll-like features. But her hairstyles are totally different. Her original hair made her look like a 1960s Barbie but her new one makes her look like the Barbie every girl wants in 2020.

It’s not a drastic cut, but the style is so different that there’s no going back to that good-girl look any time soon!

Now, if you REALLY want to be stunned by some super-drastic cuts, be sure to scroll down below for a video that will wow you!

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By Kenny Fernandez
Kenny Fernandez is a contributor at SBLY Media.