Acts of Kindness
11-year-old launches food bank from his garden shed using money saved from his birthday
Isaac's heart for generosity has created a change in his community that just keeps getting better and better.
Shellie Ann Javier-Follero

In a fast-moving world with apps, video games, and viral videos, how will you influence your children as parents to stop scrolling and lend a helping hand to others?

Well, we can tell Isaac’s parents know exactly how.

Meet Isaac

Isaac Winfield is an 11-year-old kid with a rare chromosome disorder.

Health challenges aside, Isaac launched a food bank from his home when he learned his school didn’t accept food donations.

According to his mom, they always donate food to food banks in their community and have for quite some time.

This is so Isaac can see first-hand the importance of giving when he can.

He wanted to do more.

When Isaac learned just how limited his family was in their ability to help compared to all the people he knew needed help, he decided to think bigger.

On his birthday, Isaac wished to open his own Food Bank where he can store food and daily necessities for people to get for free.

And he was going to use his own money to accomplish it.

Yes, all the money he received for his birthday became the first funds for the food bank he wanted to open.

The idea quickly took root and has become something even greater.

The Friends of Isaac Movement

As mentioned on the website Team Isaac, Isaac’s Food Bank is based in Redditch, UK.

Their mantra says it all.

“Take if you need, share if you have spare!”

And of course, day or night, the food bank is always open.

According to Isaac’s parents, their son is kind-hearted and always wants to stop and help people in need.

Because of his generous spirit, Isaac’s Food Bank receives tons of donations every day.

Help is available 24/7.

The Friends of Isaac Food Bank is open to all and, according to Isaac’s mom, the shed is open at all times.

No knocking or doorbell ringing required.

This is key because they’ve discovered that some of their beneficiaries come late at night to avoid being seen by people.

The shed also stocks pet food, winter clothes, and many other supplies to help keep families fed and warm.

Isaac and Friends continue to give.

As of today, Isaac and Friends Food Bank’s website and Facebook page are still up and thriving.

They also have a GoFundMe account.

Isaac and Friends’ post to Facebook daily to communicate the needs of the food bank.

Isaac’s project went viral and received tons of attention from the media.

The exposure of his mission exploded and inspired many to do the same.

Friends of Isaac’s Food Bank Go Fund Me Account
Friends of Isaac’s Food Bank Go Fund Me Account

It’s all about paying it forward.

Isaac’s goal is to only provide help to people in need and those affected by the upcoming winter in his community.

But Isaac inspires the world by paying forward all of the help they received.

Thousands of Isaac’s followers continue to share this goodwill with a lot of people to inspire them.

They also remind them that there’s no gift too small if comes from the heart to help others.

For sure, Isaac’s parents are both happy to have a son who continues to use his heart to spread kindness even in the face of his own life challenges.

Learn more about Isaac and his mission to help everyone he can in the video below!

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By Shellie Ann Javier-Follero
[email protected]
Shellie Ann Javier-Follero is a contributor at SBLY Media.