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When mom goes into labor at home, 10-year-old daughter named Miracle steps in to deliver baby
When her mother went into emergency labor, this little girl lived up to her name.
Luis Gaskell

A little girl in Missouri found herself doing the unthinkable this November.

She’s no more than 10 years old, and you’re about to understand why she’s getting so much attention.

10-year-old Miracle found herself helping her mom deliver a child.

It happened on the 23rd of last October.

Her mother was expecting but went into labor weeks earlier.

With no one to drive them and nobody else available to help, the job fell onto the 10-year-old.

This is known as “preterm labor.” It’s rare, but it can happen.

When her mom went into labor, she told Miracle to call 911.

But they didn’t have time to wait for help to come.

YouTube Screenshot - KSDK News
YouTube Screenshot - KSDK News

So what was going to happen?

Well, responder Scott Stranghoener was on the other end of the phone.

The responder couldn’t go there himself to help either, so he had to talk Miracle through helping her mom.

I don’t think the 10-year-old ever expected to be delivering a baby – let alone her own sibling. But it wasn’t so bad, as we can see.

YouTube Screenshot - KSDK News
YouTube Screenshot - KSDK News

Scott calmly guided Miracle through the process over the phone.

With the responder’s help, she was able to deliver the baby girl and even wipe her face with a towel.

Talk about impressive, huh?

YouTube Screenshot - KSDK News
YouTube Screenshot - KSDK News

Miracle did more than just that. She was able to get the baby to cry too and watched over it till help arrived.

The fact that she did this with a preterm labor session is what made it even more impressive.

It would have been impressive enough if it was a normal delivery on the day her mom was due. Surely, Miracle should consider working in medical care one day.

Her feat earned her a ton of praise from response organizations, such as North County Fire and Rescue and numerous 911 units.

When you’re a professional and see a kid doing your job, you can’t help but be a little impressed.

She was given custom gear, some cool tech like an Ipad with educational content, and a stork pin. The stork pin is particularly noteworthy. It’s only given to people who successfully deliver a baby.

Imagine being a 10-year-old and getting to wear one!

You could say Miracle truly lives up to her name.

Her baby sister was named Jayla, and she got some gifts as well in the form of clothes.

“It was definitely a miracle cause once I had the baby and she came out, I couldn’t really grab her or pick her up or nothing. So then Miracle came and she tried to wrap her up with a towel.” – said her mom, Viola

Miracle received 2 awards for her work, in addition to all the gifts and praise she already received.

But the best gift she received is probably her new baby sister. Miracle already proved how good a big sister she can be. So little Jayla is in good hands, I would say.

Watch the whole video covering Miracle’s incredible feat down below.

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By Luis Gaskell
[email protected]
Luis Gaskell is a contributor at SBLY Media.